Is there something wrong with this macro? Im getting #REF error. I dont use vba and I got it from the internet. I believe the excel was done in Japan

Option Explicit Type GammaCY dNa As Double dRd As Double End Type Type PairEP dE As Double dP As Double End Type Dim GCY_ValArr(5) As Double Dim GammaCY_Arr(5, 13) As GammaCY ‘//0.5%, 1%, 2%, 4%,8% Sub InitModuleParams() GCY_ValArr(1) = 0.5 GCY_ValArr(2) = 1# GCY_ValArr(3) = 2# GCY_ValArr(4) = 4# GCY_ValArr(5) = 8# ‘//ƒÁcy = 0.5% … Read more

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My task is to import the data from the test_import table into multiple sheets of the same excel workbook. What I am trying to achieve is to fill up specific cells in the selected sheet with selected data columns that I have in my MS SQL database through VB.NET. I am currently undergoing my internship … Read more

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Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA

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