Spring Data Neo4j Expected a result with a single record, but this result contains at least one more. Ensure your query returns only one record

I’m newbies and sorry for my english skill not very well I develop event meeting application using Spring and Neo4j database. This is my models Member can Create Event and other member can register and check in event when member who is organizer has start check in event. This is my entities in java code … Read more

amazon web services – Calling AWS Lambda via api gateway on localstack doesn’t work as expected

Hi I have downloaded the most basic java lambda example package helloworld; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.net.URL; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import java.util.stream.Collectors; import com.amazonaws.services.lambda.runtime.Context; import com.amazonaws.services.lambda.runtime.RequestHandler; import com.amazonaws.services.lambda.runtime.events.APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent; import com.amazonaws.services.lambda.runtime.events.APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent; /** * Handler for requests to Lambda function. */ public class App implements RequestHandler<APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent, APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent> { public APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent handleRequest(final APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent input, … Read more

python – TypeError: expected at most 1 arguments, got 2……. data = collections.OrderedDict(‘data’, distributed_data[i])

I am getting the following error related to this function definition what is wrong? Convert_to_client_data() is a function in federated learning where I am trying to convert a dataset into the federated dataset. Here is the declaration of the class Distribute which is used in the function which gives the error #Declaration of Class Distribute … Read more

oop – expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘&=’ token (C++)

I am trying to learn c++ and I have come across an exercise that is giving me quite a bit of trouble. The compiler is giving me a number of errors, in particular the following: expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘&=’ token Book(int=0, const string&=” “, const string&=” “, int=0, const string&=” “, double=0.0); Could … Read more

c – Monte Carlo Simulation of Percolation is not Giving Expected Results

I’ve started working my way through the Princeton Algorithms course on Coursera. The course uses Java, but I decided to follow along with C as it is what I am most comfortable with. One of the assignments has you write a program to estimate the value of the percolation threshold via a Monte Carlo simulation … Read more

javascript – State variable not updating to the same value as expected

I have the following app: https://vesnathan.github.io/ReactPasswordGenerator/build/ If you have a look at the console as you quickly change the password length to its lowest setting repeatedly, you should see that the passwordStrength is not the same every time it hits that lowest setting. I’m not sure if it’s because the state variable is not yet … Read more

javascript – d3.v3.min.js:1 Error: attribute height: Expected length, “NaN” while loading a d3 chart in a modal popup

var app = angular.module(‘chartApp’, []); app.controller(‘TimeReportCtrl’, [‘$scope’, function($scope){ $scope.reportData={“other_time”:0,”ais_time”:0,”agendas_time”:0,”preps_time”:1,”meeting_time”:7}; console.log($scope.reportData.other_time); if(($scope.reportData.other_time== 0) && ($scope.reportData.ais_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.agendas_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.preps_time==0) && ($scope.reportData.meeting_time==0)) { $scope.noData = false; } else { $scope.noData = true; } $scope.timeReportData=[]; for(var i in $scope.reportData){ $scope.timeReportData.push({labelData:i,count:$scope.reportData[i]}); } $scope.timeReport=[]; for(var i=0;i<$scope.timeReportData.length;i++) { $scope.data=(($scope.timeReportData[i]).labelData); … Read more