Improve your Galaxy S22 experience with these 10 recommended tweaks

The Samsung Galaxy S22 may not look a lot different from its predecessor, but there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. From an updated software experience to improved optics and internal hardware, there are plenty of things to go through. The real question, however, is where should you begin? The Galaxy S22 offers a … Read more

Create a Truly Immersive Metaverse Experience Through Web3 Sound Effects | by David Relo | Jun, 2022

Implement a spatial audio effect (the sound moving around the listener’s head) using the AudioListener and PannerNode interfaces. With the rise of the Metaverse and 3D games such as Battle Royale, the demand for immersive audio experiences in virtual environments is growing rapidly. Spatial audio, a technology that allows users to perceive the location and … Read more

Usability vs. User Experience: What Are the Roles and the Main Differences?

The terms Usability and User Experience are often confused and misused. These are interrelated disciplines, but they are certainly far from being synonymous. They have the interaction between the user and an object/platform. In this article, we will try to clarify some doubts about this issue. Difference Between Usability and User Experience Usability is a … Read more

How to Streamline the Customer Experience with Monads in Kotlin

At my company, we see a lot of SDKs and Swagger-generated clients that could throw exceptions at any time. This could be a fault in our logic, or it could be a fault with some 3rd party SDKs that have no rhyme or reason to how their exception handling works. But either way, when our … Read more