Open Source Bait and Switch. Exploring how open source is monetized | by Shai Almog | Aug, 2022

Exploring how open source is monetized image by author I was reading this article and wanted to post a comment, but I felt this warrants a response article. First, if you don’t know me, I’ve written a ton of open source code. Whole platform and then some. I think the general view is expressed in … Read more

Exploring SwiftUI Coordinators. Recycle a famous pattern that was… | by Pedro Alvarez | Aug, 2022

Recycle a famous pattern that was formerly designed for an imperative code base and reuse it to handle some declarative UI. Photo by Swansway Motor Group on Unsplash You may already be familiar with the Coordinator Design pattern first designed for the UIKit framework. Basically, it consists of delegating the navigating responsibility to another layer … Read more

Serverless Is the New Timeshare. Exploring how reinvention can create… | by Shai Almog | Aug, 2022

Exploring how reinvention can create fantastic apps image by author We have a shared amnesia. I often get blank stars when I speak to younger developers about past technologies. To be fair, some of that is because I’m a bit “intense” or “weird,” but some is just because. Huh? Really? Did we have that? Case … Read more

Unit Testing Test Doubles and Exploring the Mocking Framework in Kotlin | by Haitham Ayyash | Aug, 2022

An in-depth guide to this helpful program Photo by Mari Helin on Unsplash If you don’t know anything about unit testing, you can look at my previous articles: The Basics of Android Unit Testing and Android Unit Testing — Choosing Naming Convention and Test Cases. Test Doubles are used to substitute external dependencies for the … Read more

Exploring Word Embeddings and Text Catalogs with Apple’s Natural Language Framework in iOS | by Anupam Chugh

Learn how NLGazetteer, NLWordEmbedding, and other NLP functionalities work in Apple’s Natural Language framework Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash NSLinguisticTaggerwhich was available as far back as the iOS 5 SDK, paved the path for Apple’s announcement of their Natural Language framework at WWDC 18. Everything from language identification to lemmatization and part-of-speech tagging, all … Read more

Exploring Core Image: Apple’s First Computer Vision Framework | by Anupam Chugh

A journey from being the preferred computer vision framework to an image filtering tool Photo by Mukuko Studio on Unsplash Over the years, Apple has released some breakthrough features at its annual WWDC conference. In addition to the iOS community, developers all over the world keenly look forward to Apple’s annual conferences. It’s no wonder … Read more

Exploring Use Cases of Core ML Tools | by Anupam Chugh

Evaluation, transformations, updatable models, and more Photo by Elena Rouame on Unsplash Apple’s Core ML is a powerful machine learning framework with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. And the latest iteration, Core ML 3, brought in lots of new layers and gave rise to updatable models. With the release of so many features, one thing that … Read more

Jetpack Compose Theming: Colors. Exploring colors in Android apps | by Gözde Kaval | May, 2022

Exploring colors in Android apps Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash Creating screens is much easier with Jetpack compose, however it comes with its own way of working and it might be challenging sometimes. One topic I was struggling with is colors. According to Jetpack examples, we should use MaterialTheme rather than old school XML … Read more