Rendering a sprite in directx9

Rendering a sprite in directx9 Here a basic code for rendering a sprite in a window but it doesn’t work, could you help me? Code: #include <windows.h> #include <d3d9.h> #include <D3dx9math.h> … Read more

javascript – How to avoid extra mat-form-field-underline in angular material

I am having an issue finding why i get an extra mat-form-field-underline when using a component. My Page uses the following Code <mat-form-field class=”col-md-6″> <app-mat-select-all [data]=”tractList$” formControlName=”tractList” fieldName=”name” [multiselect]=true labelText=”Tract List” idField=”guid” > </app-mat-select-all> </mat-form-field> And my custom component has the following template code <form novalidate [formGroup]=”form”> <mat-form-field> <mat-label>{{labelText}}</mat-label> <mat-select #select [multiple]=”multiselect” [formControl]=”selectField” > <div … Read more