WSL Extreme Usages. Using GUIs, USB connections, and… | by TonyM | Aug, 2022

Using GUIs, USB connections, and Kubernetes Photo by Gabriel Heinzer on Unsplash As you may know from my previous posts, I tend to use a lot of development environments and play with quite a few different technologies. I write code on Linux, Windows, and Mac in various languages, mostly C/C++ with SYCL, Golang, Python, JavaScript, … Read more

Find Extreme Values ​​in Arrays – Real Python

You’ve now seen examples of all the basic use cases for NumPy’s max() and maximum(), plus a few related functions. Now you’ll investigate some of the more obscure optional parameters to these functions and find out when they can be useful. Reusing Memory When you call a function in Python, a value or object is … Read more

How to find extreme outer points in an image with Python OpenCV

Rather than inspecting every single element (and stalling the CPU with an if statement for every pixel) it is probably faster to sum all the elements down every column. They should come to 600*255, or 153,000 if they are all white. So, then find where 153,000 minus the column-total is non-zero. The first and last … Read more