Blinks, Winks, Head Turns — Build a Tinder-Swipe iOS App Using ML Kit’s Face Detection API | by Anupam Chugh

Leverage ML Kit’s Face Detection API to perform touchless swipes Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash With 3D Motion Sense technology already out on Pixel 4, it looks like our way of interacting with phones is going to change soon. Touchless interactions have a promising future for sure, with Apple’s most ambitious product to date— AR … Read more

Creating Your Own Face Dataset: DatasetGAN, GPUs

What Are Face Datasets? Image datasets include digital images chosen especially to help test, train, and evaluate the performance of ML and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, typically computer vision algorithms. Specifically, face datasets include images of human faces, curated for machine learning (ML) projects. See a list of commonly used face datasets. A face dataset … Read more

python – Getting errors in installing face recognition lib

enter code hereI have vs code also installed cmake I have cloned face recognition library from GitHub site but in while doing python install I’m getting cmake error at cmakelist.txt:5(message):and another one is. raise calledprocesserror(ret code, cmd) here is the errorcreating copying face_recognition.egg-infoPKG-INFO -> copying face_recognition.egg-infoSOURCES.txt -> NFO copying face_recognition.egg-infodependency_links.txt -> … Read more

deep learning – The tensorflow object_detection model can only detect 1 face

I’m trying to build a model to detect faces, and I used the SSD MobileNet v2 320×320‘s pipeline.config to train without calling the fine checkpoint. The pbtxt I used is the face_label_map.pbtxt that is given officially. The model detects well when the photos only contain 1 face, but only detects one when there is more … Read more