Azure Data Factory: A Contemporary Solution for Modern Data Integration Challenges

As more data is available, it becomes more challenging to handle. Investing in innovative services and tools lets you get more value from data. Modern businesses must embrace effective tools, technologies, and innovative methods to succeed. This is where the Azure Data Factory comes into play. ADF allows you to orchestrate data processes, analyze the … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Page Object Model and Page Factory in Selenium

As we continue to automate the test cases on a daily basis using Selenium automation, the maintenance of the growing test suite parallelly becomes complicated. While automating the test cases on Selenium, there would be an instance where we use the same web element in multiple test scripts. For example, while automating an E-Commerce application, … Read more

java – How to make two keycloak modules (factory providers) communicates between them?

I try to develop two modules of Keycloak (two authenticators in Keycloak terminology) and I want to make them communicate between them. Before describing the error I have, let me introduce the way I build my modules. Basically, a Keycloak module is developed by implementing two interfaces called AuthenticatorFactory and Authenticator defined by Keycloak. For … Read more

apache beam – pyflink with kafka java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to create stage bundle factory

・Python3.8 ・JDK 11 I’ve started learning pyflink and write a code instructed by official web which is And here is my code from pyflink.common.serialization import JsonRowDeserializationSchema,JsonRowSerializationSchema from pyflink.common import WatermarkStrategy, Row from pyflink.common.serialization import Encoder from pyflink.common.typeinfo import Types from pyflink.datastream import StreamExecutionEnvironment from pyflink.datastream.connectors import FlinkKafkaConsumer,FlinkKafkaProducer def streaming(): env = StreamExecutionEnvironment.get_execution_environment() deserialization_schema =JsonRowDeserializationSchema.builder().type_info( … Read more