Windows 11 build 25179 makes File Explorer tabs available to everyone

Ass tends to happen on Wednesdays, Microsoft is rolling out a new build of Windows 11 to Insiders enrolled in the Dev channel, and this time that’s build 25179. This build doesn’t include a whole lot of brand-new features, but it does come with some improvements, and a big feature is finally available for everyone: … Read more

Handling File Uploads With NestJS and MySQL

Many developers despise dealing with file uploads. This can be attributed to a lack of knowledge about the best approach to take or difficulties determining how to configure their NestJS application to handle file uploads. Many people may want to save their files directly to a MySQL database, or save image names and have the … Read more

c – Copy an array of structs to another array and then write the contents to a binary file

I need to copy the defaultBankData struct to the bank struct repeatedly (ie when the user selects option 1 from the menu). However, nothing I’ve tried does seem to work. I got the memcpy idea from this community but I can’t figure out why it is not allowing the data stored in defaultBankData to be … Read more

javascript – How to fix file paths and add multipage support webpack config

i have a problems My webpack config doesn’t work, and write uncorrect paths, i have tried many variations and so far nothing has worked. Base const path = require(‘path’); const glob = require(‘glob’); const HtmlWebpackPlugin = require(‘html-webpack-plugin’); const FriendlyErrorsPlugin = require(‘friendly-errors-webpack-plugin’); const ESLintPlugin = require(‘eslint-webpack-plugin’); const MiniCssExtractPlugin = require(‘mini-css-extract-plugin’); const isProd = process.env.NODE_ENV === ‘production’; … Read more

python – Reading Individual Lines in a .txt File as Strings

Long time lurker, first time caller. I’m using RaspberryPis and label printers to generate labels at plastic injection mold presses and need the ability to update label information via a php page hosted by Apache. I’ve written the php page to save the text fields to a .txt file and the python script to generate … Read more

freemarker – freemark syntax error in keycloak theme ftl file

I modified login.ftl file in the keycloak theme then i got this error: freemarker.core.ParseException: Syntax error in template “login.ftl” in line 100, column 1: Encountered “/@layout.registrationLayout”, but at this place only this can be closed: “#if”. This is usually because of wrong nesting of FreeMarker directives, like a missed or malformed end-tag somewhere. then i … Read more

3 Ways to Create Spring Boot Docker Images Without Docker File

In this article, we would be looking into some of the ways to create docker images for a Spring Boot Application. As technology is growing, things have changed how applications that serve requests from end-user are. Traditionally you would have a machine to deploy the application and decide on the configuration of the machine to … Read more