The Digital Finance Revolution, Open Banking, and APIs

Technological innovation is disrupting the financial industry. In the last couple of years, many fintech banks and digital finance startups have emerged. These new firms, like Simple, Chime, Varo, and Moven, claim to offer consumers more choice, better service, and lower costs. Meanwhile, global giants like PayPal and Amazon are exploring offering select banking features. … Read more

javascript – Trigger-run a Google Sheets script to fetch URL data from Yahoo Finance in batches

Prelude – this is quite a long post but mostly because of the many pictures to clarify my issue 🙂 I have been pulling company data from Yahoo! Finance, first for only a few stocks, but currently for a hundred of stocks (and soon to be thousands). I am currently pulling this data live, with … Read more

Fintech and AI: Artificial Intelligence in Finance

The impact and the innovation of AI can be seen everywhere, and fintech is no exception. The power of financial industries to shape the traditional financial institution is growing because of the advances in disruptive intelligence. AI-powered and machine learning technologies in fintech will help analyze large data sets in real-time and have the ability … Read more