How I Learned to Find Meaning Outside of Work | by Zachary Allegretti | Jun, 2022

Work to live — Managing work-life balance in the remote-work era Photo by author We’ve all been there. It’s 6 pm. You’re trying to close out this last task for the day or finish going through all your emails. But things aren’t going quite as smoothly as you’d hoped. Suddenly it’s 8 pm and you … Read more

docker – Alpine Nginx install can’t find `upload_progress` directive despite it being compiled into the binary

The Problem I have a web-application that I want to containerize with docker and reverse-proxy via nginx. This web application shall receive uploads of audio files (~200-500Mb), thus I want upload progress events while uploading to be sent to the client. I decided to base my docker image (see dockerfile below) on an alpine base … Read more

r – use dplyr to find a specific column matching the condition from another table

I have a criteria table: criteria <-data.frame( dx = c(0.244897959, 6.112244898), slim_frac = c(0L, 1L), klim = c(1L, 40L), frackhfrac = c(0L, 1L), por = c(0.04, 0.16), matrix_k_log = c(-11L, -2L), srv_perm_log = c(-6L, 1L), frac_perm_log = c(-3L, 4L), pb_init = c(0L, 10000L), bhp = c(200L, 2000L) I want to find all matching rows from … Read more

java – Cant find required class org/apache/commons/lang3/ArrayUtils while building on Jenkins

OS Java8 jdk1.8 When running my build using mvn clean install -P TestExecutor on Jenkins I get the following error: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal net.masterthought:maven-cucumber-reporting:5.7.0:generate (generate-cucumber-reports) on project testing: Execution generate-cucumber-reports of goal net.masterthought:maven-cucumber-reporting:5.7.0:generate failed: A required class was missing while executing net.masterthought:maven-cucumber-reporting:5.7.0:generate: org/apache/commons/lang3/ArrayUtils Locally it’s running and just fine. Here is the catch: … Read more

Find shortest wildcards for list of strings against a master list by prefix in Python

This is not a full answer, but is what OpenAI’s Davinci coding system was able to come up with in a few tries. (It’s free to use right now!) Some modifications to this approach should actually be correct. ”’ As input, I have: A master list of strings (in this case, the names of API … Read more

dart – Flutter: Try to use BlocProvider with get_it and auto_route package but context don’t find provider

I try to make a login page for my app who permits to access when password and username are okay. I have some problem with my bloc provider. My application uses the auto_route package for routing, get_it for dependency injection and block to handle business logic/status. The flow is as follows: I initialize the dependencies … Read more

node.js – I have problem with GULP “Error: Cannot find module ‘gulp-sass'”

The problem occurs when i download the repo. I run the command in terminal “npm install”. Then i types the “gulp” command. I tried to delete node_modules package.json with sudo and then npm install but it did not help When he tries to fire the gulp after npm i command “npm rebuild node-sass” dont help … Read more