Smart Contract Head to Head — Ethereum vs. Flow

Since the introduction of smart contract technology, Solidity has been the coding language of choice for smart contract developers. However, if you’re a Solidity developer, you already know it has drawbacks. Among other flaws, major security concerns can arise from the simple mishandling of certain data types, and there are no built-in access controls. A … Read more

Flow Navigation With SwiftUI 4. Implementing the new NavigationStack… | by Nick McConnell | Jul, 2022

Implementing the new NavigationStack programmatically Having just revisited this navigation for SwiftUI 3 here, Apple has since rethought navigation with the new NavigationStack as part of the latest SwiftUI 4 release. This is great news… and covers most of my previous suggestions! Previously, NavigationView Required explicitly defining navigation “edges” and the use of multiple flags … Read more

Build a Gatsby Authentication Flow with Firebase | by Marcos Lombog | Jul, 2022

Secure your Gatsby app using Firebase authentication This guide will walk you through how to set up an authentication flow using Firebase in your Gatsby application, and deploying it to Netlify hosting. After following this guide, you will have a working Gatsby app complete with: Fully fledged sign-in and sign-up flows. Secure email/password authentication. Reset … Read more

Enabling Business Transaction Monitoring – DZone Integration

Introduction IBM App Connect V12 introduced a new capability called Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) which allows the user to record a message throughout its lifecycle and determine its outcome. What Is Transaction Monitoring? Transaction monitoring involves surveying each message that passes through your flows and ruling whether it was transmitted successfully or had failed to … Read more

Flow Navigation With SwiftUI (Revisited) | by Nick McConnell | Apr, 2022

How to implement navigation effectively in your codebases This is a revisit of a previous couple of articles on creating a decoupled navigation flow (part 1 and part 2). Times have changed and SwiftUI, NavigationView, and my own perspective are now different (and simpler!) so thought it was worthwhile re-evaluating. I’ve recently been re-looking my … Read more

GitHub Flow vs. GitHub Flow. OneFlow: Which Git Workflow Works the Best for You? | by Nuno Barreto | Apr, 2022

A simple Git repository strategy I use in my teams For many years I have been using what everyone calls the Git Flow model to organize code branches, environments, and deployments. Although it was not the intention of the author, many people I have met have become quite dogmatic about it. The author himself points … Read more

spring – Got a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when sending a Java object by the dynamic TCP/IP integration flow?

Gary Russell helped me some time ago with the following ‘DynamicTcpServer’ flow (see Building a TCP/IP server with SI’s dynamic flow registration) having now a message service injected which gets the message to send as soon as a client connects: public class DynamicTcpServer implements TcpServer { @Autowired private IntegrationFlowContext flowContext; @Autowired private ApplicationContext appContext; private … Read more