flutter – how to properly handle list of TextEditingController for a five TextFormField generated by the loop used by listview.builder?

I’m having a future list to work with the listview.builder. I have another list List<QuizQuestion> listofquizquestionsforquiz=GlobalParams.quizmodel.quizQuestions; for listofquizquestionsforquiz I want every item in the list of TextEditingController to handle the corresponding TextFormField, meaning for controllers[0] I want it to be attached and work with the first TextFormField the Listview.builder generates, then the second textedintingcontroller to … Read more

android – In flutter how to display a png image above a background color?

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What is Flutter? Mobile app development for Android, iOS, and more

There was a time when you had to choose between creating universal mobile apps and native apps. Universal apps used web technologies like HTML and JavaScript, which often performed badly in mobile devices. Native apps performed better because they were written separately for each platform you wanted to support, but they were expensive and required … Read more

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flutter – FirebaseMessaging.instance.getInitialMessage return null message when I click on notification

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