Should You Use ForEach or InjectInto in Eclipse Collections? | by Donald Raab | Jun, 2022

Many of the forEach / injectInto patterns in Eclipse Collections In Eclipse Collections, forEach and injectInto are both internal iterators that provide the most basic of the iteration patterns. A developer can use both of these patterns to accomplish a large number of iteration tasks. As internal iterators, these methods encapsulate the implementation details of … Read more

c++ – tuple foreach, index, find: return compile-time constant during runtime

Tuple foreach is relatively simple using either recursion or std::apply: #include <cstring> #include <iostream> #include <tuple> #include <utility> template<typename F, typename T> auto foreach_apply(F&& f, T &&t) { return std::apply([&f](auto&&… elements) { return (f(std::forward<decltype(elements)>(elements)) || …); }, std::forward<T> } template <std::size_t I=0, typename F, typename… Ts> void foreach_recurse(F&& f, std::tuple<Ts…> t) { if constexpr (I … Read more

javascript – For loop & forEach returns undefined

I’m working on a function that requires to do comparison between index in Array of object A with indexes in Array of objects B So I request from 2 collections data I get arrays : TPE info [ { _id: new ObjectId(“62826ee8e052bb423620478a”), sn: ‘N300W150726’, terminalId: ‘05000002’, merchantId: ‘458742236657711’, merchantName: ‘TEST MERCHANT’, networkType: ‘wifi’, __v: 0 … Read more

How can I get multidimensional arrays value in PHP by using foreach loop?

I have tired to get each product’s title and product_small_image_urls by using foreach loop. But my code doesn’t work. Can you give me better suggestions. Here is my PHP code. <?php . . . $resp = $c->execute($req); //var_dump($c->execute($req)); $respa = json_encode($resp, true); //output { “resp_result”: { “resp_code”: “200”, “resp_msg”: “Call succeeds”, “result”: { “current_page_no”: “1”, … Read more