Code throws random target frame detached in selenium/python

As it says in the title, when trying to scrape the site while looping through filters, it throws a WebDriverException: Message: target frame detached sometimes and sometimes not.. and when it does throw it, it happens at random lines and not a specific place so I have no clue how to tackle it.. some … Read more

python – Plotly Dash: How to add an Upload Button for CSV File that creates a data Frame and plots multiple graphs

Currently writing a script that reads in a csv file and makes numerous adjustments to the dataframe and plots multiple graphs. I’m trying to include an upload button to remove the need to read in the csv file. I’m struggling to add this upload button while also making the required changes needed to the dataframe … Read more

python – How to manage the same frame like 2 different objects importing it from the same file

My goal is to have stored in file one “”, importing it from “” and to use it multiple times as many times I need and use they like different objects storing for eachone their own variables some shared and other not shared, without loosing it after self.Destroy(). The reason is because my “” is … Read more