angular – ipfs-core go-ipfs as gateway. How can I connect core-ipfs front as client to go-ipfs cloud api?

Hello I am tryingling to connect core-ipfs with go-ipfs API. How can I conect with ipfs-core to go-ipfs api as Gateway? I am trying to get the same ID in Front app, as I have in GO-IPFS API but nothing seems to work. How can I serve IPFS API on public IP not local API … Read more

The new Elastic CEO puts cloud front and center

The new CEO of the enterprise search software company Elastic has one priority: cloud. “Cloud is front and center,” he told InfoWorld during a recent interview. “That is really where you should continue to see me double down.” Elastic Elastic CEO Ashutosh Kulkarni Before taking over as CEO in January of this year, Ashutosh Kulkarni … Read more