Thoughts on Remix: How It Might Change the Approach to Full Stack Engineering | by Anıl Erciyes | Jul, 2022

Thinking end-to-end Remix, the fullstack SSR framework for React Software Engineering is possibly one of the most, if not the most, dynamically changing fields emerging in the world: Every single day more and more solutions and techniques from bright minds, astonishing frameworks/libraries are being published and limits are constantly being pushed to reach the optimum … Read more

Does Datameer Support a Full Big Data Analysis Process?

Over the last few days, I had the chance to test Datameer analytics solution (das). Das is a platform for Hadoop which includes data source integration, an analytics engine, and visualization functionality. This promise of a fully integrated big data analysis process motivated me to test the product. It really includes all required functionality for … Read more

Building a Full Stack Web App: Your Starting Boost | by Chloé Lagrue | Jun, 2022

First steps to implementing and releasing your app in Python Calliope Gets Wifi, a web app I built with Flask (image by author) Chances are, building a website* isn’t as hard as you think. The span of technologies and concepts you need to cover is quite large, but if you’ve got some Python under your … Read more

Functional vs. Non-Functional Requirements: The Full Guide, Definitions, and Technical Examples

What Are Functional Requirements? Functional requirements specify which functions your system (or system component) must have. In other words, they define what your custom software needs to do. If these requirements are not met, the software fails; it’s non-negotiable. Examples of the most common functional requirements are (1) use cases and (2) document descriptions. Use … Read more

html – Full page with nested flexbox and scrolling

I’m trying to do what I thought was a fairly standard sort of full-screen layout using flexbox, but it’s not behaving the way I want. My goals are: Auto sizing of topbar/footer height and sidebar width (size to content, not fixed size) Topbar/footer take full width and never scroll Sidebar takes full height but if … Read more