pointers – Improve my solution to basic C linked list management functions

I would appreciate some help relative to my code solution, which deals with linked list management in C. I’ll already declare the only strange writing thing with my request: I am a C++ file, but I am actually mostly leveraging C resources (malloc(), free(), etc.); that said, given the basic code I provide, I am … Read more

node.js – AWS Lambda: Enable outbound internet to Lambda functions

I am developing a REST API in NodeJs using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. I am using AWS SAM Template as well. Below is my NodeJS Code. There I am only trying to access a sample API over the internet and make a POST call. const mysql = require(‘mysql2’); const errorCodes = require(‘source/error-codes’); const … Read more

What Are Python Lambda Functions, Anyway? | by Eric Kleppen | Jun, 2022

Learn to write Python like the pros by using lambda functions Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash Traveling the road from rookie to Pythonista can take a while and varies from person to person. Most people start learning Python by reviewing the basic data structures for numbers, Booleans and strings, and then move to complex … Read more

Python’s “functions” are sometimes classes — Python Morsels

Trey Hunner 10 minute read • Works on Python 3.7—3.10 If you search course curriculum I’ve written, you’ll often find phrases like “zip function”, “enumerate function”, and “list function”. Those terms are all technically misnomers. When I use terms like “the bool function” and “the str function” I’m implying that bool and str are functions. … Read more

Aggregate Functions in Stargate’s GraphQL API

A new release of Stargate.io was applied to Astra DB that includes an exciting new feature: aggregate functions! If you’re not familiar with aggregate functions, they are functions that look at the data as a whole and perform a function like min(), max(), sum(), count() and avg(). Until now, aggregate functions were only available using … Read more

c – Want to know how to divide my code into separate functions

Since you are learning C, there are several considerations with your existing code. Your real question seems to be “How to divide my code into separate functions”. There are two basic approaches, when learning, it’s often easier to write your program, get it debugged and working and then separate the like functionality into separate functions, … Read more