amazon web services – Calling AWS Lambda via api gateway on localstack doesn’t work as expected

Hi I have downloaded the most basic java lambda example package helloworld; import; import; import; import; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import; import; import; import; import; /** * Handler for requests to Lambda function. */ public class App implements RequestHandler<APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent, APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent> { public APIGatewayProxyResponseEvent handleRequest(final APIGatewayProxyRequestEvent input, … Read more

amazon web services – 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.20.0 Error when Deploying Django app using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

I was following closely following AWS’s documentation on how to deploy Django apps using Elastic Beanstalk until I received a 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.20.0 Error when opening my app. From there, I followed a couple of solutions offered by users that suffered similar problems. Specifically, I added a Procfile and went about editing how my … Read more

Install and Configure MuleSoft Flex Gateway in Kubernetes Cluster With K3D

In this tutorial, we will install Anypoint Flex Gateway in the Kubernetes cluster with k3d. About k3d k3d provides easy and configurable steps to create a lightweight cluster using Kubernetes with extremely limited/lower resources. Furthermore, it backs and simplifies tasks related to Kubernetes configurations and clusters. It is primarily used to create a Kubernetes cluster … Read more

Creating a Simple API Stub With API Gateway and S3

A while ago my team was looking to create a stub for an internal JSON HTTP-based API. The to-be stubbed service was quite simple. The service exposed a REST API endpoint for listing resources of a specific type. The API supported paging and some specific request/query parameters. GET requests to the service looked something like … Read more

Anypoint Flex Gateway On Docker With RedHat 8.2

Follow the steps in this tutorial to install Anypoint Flex Gateway on Docker with RedHat 8.2 to protect APIs. There are several discussions about non-compatibilities in regards to Docker and RedHat 8. While installing in Ubuntu, I have not found any difficulty. Installing RedHat 8 Let’s try and install the version of RedHat 8 on … Read more

Path-Based Routing in Render With Kong API Gateway

If you’re building a microservice-backed application, a key benefit is separating the concerns of your application across individual microservices, each with its own ability to scale and encapsulate different functionality. The frontend—ostensibly a single-page application running in your user’s browser—will need access to the microservices that make up your web application. Each service could be … Read more

angular – ipfs-core go-ipfs as gateway. How can I connect core-ipfs front as client to go-ipfs cloud api?

Hello I am tryingling to connect core-ipfs with go-ipfs API. How can I conect with ipfs-core to go-ipfs api as Gateway? I am trying to get the same ID in Front app, as I have in GO-IPFS API but nothing seems to work. How can I serve IPFS API on public IP not local API … Read more