How Cloudflare emerged to take on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Cloudflare is in the midst of a significant transformation, as it continues to build out the tools developers need to run their applications across a global network of edge locations. Recent moves put the 18-year-old internet security and performance company on a collision course with the industry-dominating hyperscale cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, … Read more

AWS, Azure, and GCP: Find the Right Platform

The cloud computing market is one of the most dynamic and attractive industries in the world. It’s also incredibly complex, and it can be hard to know where to start if you’re looking for a cloud platform to support your business. The cloud is growing at a rapid pace, and it’s helping to democratize technology. … Read more

How to Improve Data Quality With GCP Protocol Buffers

E-commerce platforms and marketplaces generate data on every step of their operations: inventory, customer orders, pick-up locations, and customer delivery, not mentioning marketing channels and integrations. The requirements for data platforms used in the fast-moving online retail industry vary from business to business, though the baseline is more or less the same: Flexibility and scalability. … Read more

The Advanced Risk of Basic Roles In GCP IAM

Most GCP users know that granting basic roles is a really bad practice, but you may be surprised to learn that the risk is much more serious than it might seem because basic roles actually grant far more than what appears on the permissions list (which is already excessive, of course). For the owner role, … Read more

9 low-rent cloud providers to challenge AWS, Azure, and GCP

Everyone knows the pain that follows after your CFO takes a look at the cloud computing bill. The products and services are priced in fractions of a cent, but somehow those fractions all add up. The good news is that more options are appearing as smaller clouds compete directly on price. In most cases, it’s … Read more