Over the Air (OTA) Updates With React Native CodePush and GitHub Actions | by Aryella Lacerda | Jun, 2022

One way to address a classic mobile deployment problem in React Native… without having to go through the official app stores After much debugging, you identify the source of a critical bug. Hurrah, it’s an easy fix! Unfortunately, you also identify that the bug started in version v1.0.0 and you’ve already shipped version v1.0.1 with … Read more

Spring Boot — Continuous Deployment on Kubernetes With ArgoCD and GitHub Actions | by Zalán Toth | Jun, 2022

Deployment made easy Nowadays DevOps, GitOps, Continuous Deployment are hot topics. Sometimes it seems like magic but actually most parts of it are really easy and everybody should adopt it. Automatized pipelines give us safety and save lots of time. All tools we use in this article are free. In this article, we are gonna … Read more

Tired of searching Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive separately? Do it all at once in SQL

You know the drill: The words you are looking for might be in Slack, or GitHub, or Google Drive, or Google Sheets, or Zendesk, or … the list goes on. Searching across these silos is a common frustration. It should be frictionless, and this Steampipe dashboard makes it so. This wasn’t my first rodeo. I … Read more

Creating a Complete GitHub Workflow for Flutter | by Edson Moisinho | May, 2022

The fastest and easiest way to build and test your Flutter app Photo by Sebastian Voortman at Pexels In this article I will show how to set a simple and easy Flutter workflow that will: Build your source code Run unit tests Upload the code coverage Run integrated tests Generate and upload an APK file … Read more

Scale github workflow with AWS ECS | by Shekhar Jha

using a self-hosted runner without access keys, complex lambda functions, or Kubernetes clusters Architecture for GitHub self-hosted runner infrastructure on ECS for GitHub workflows GitHub actions allow automation of CI/CD pipelines to automate build and deployment. It provides the ability to run the pipeline operation on either GitHub-hosted VMs or self-hosted runners. Using self-hosted runners … Read more

How to Streamline the Customer Experience with Monads in Kotlin

At my company, we see a lot of SDKs and Swagger-generated clients that could throw exceptions at any time. This could be a fault in our logic, or it could be a fault with some 3rd party SDKs that have no rhyme or reason to how their exception handling works. But either way, when our … Read more

I have 2 GitHub accounts. How can I use both when I am working in VS Code?

Edit #1: 2021|JUNE|06th @12:39am (PST) Edit #2: 2021|JULY|15th @ 4:46:31 (UTC/GMT) TL;DR UPDATE: “As is often the inherent nature of technology, VS Code Changed, consequently, the original answer was rendered deprecated, and was unhelpful, possibly even confusing to the users attempting to implement the answer as a solution, as it no longer worked in updated … Read more

Securing Containers With Seccomp – DZone DevOps

This blog post is the second half of my research on making it easier to create Seccomp-BPF filters and secure your containers with them. If you haven’t read the first half of this blog post yet, I recommend doing so before continuing here. For returning readers, I’ll briefly refresh you on my last post. I … Read more

Branch Deployments With IssueOps and GitHub Actions | by Grant Birkinbine | May, 2022

Take your deployment practices to the stars with IssueOps and GitHub Actions IssueOps + Branch + Deploy The most common way developers deploy their changes to production is the merge → deploy model. However, there is a significantly better way to ship our code to production. Rather than smash the merge button, cross our fingers, … Read more