webpack – Using jest-snapshot without jest – import giving ScriptTransformer module parse failed

I’m trying to create a custom matcher for jasmine using jest-snapshot. I found an example online of doing it with Mocha so have just adapted it, however, I’m getting an error when importing jest-snapshot and many hours later have been unable to solve it I’m using webpack 4.35, karma 6.3 karma-webpack 4.0.2, karma-jasmine 2.0.1, babel … Read more

c – Monte Carlo Simulation of Percolation is not Giving Expected Results

I’ve started working my way through the Princeton Algorithms course on Coursera. The course uses Java, but I decided to follow along with C as it is what I am most comfortable with. One of the assignments has you write a program to estimate the value of the percolation threshold via a Monte Carlo simulation … Read more

node.js – React [create-react-app] in MERN stack project is giving dependency tell

I am trying to follow the onlinecodeacademy online course for free to learn MERN. I am having trouble both using npx and installing it. When I try to install npx I receive the following errors: [noah@Qyain restaurant-reviews]$ npm install npx npm ERR! code EACCES npm ERR! syscall open npm ERR! path /home/noah/package-lock.json npm ERR! errno … Read more

android – Flutter: Why is my app giving an error when trying to play back an audio file?

I have an app that records audio when the user taps a button. It writes a temporary file to the mobile device, then runs some FFMPEG code to change the pitch. The normal way a user would use it is: Tap the button Record the audio (10 seconds) After recording is done, play back the … Read more

next.js – next js dynamic page routing working in localhost but giving 500 error in production

This is part of my next js project. This website is running perfectly on localhost but when i deploy it on vercel, the /blogs/book/chapter page is giving me 500 error. I am not sure what exactly the problem is, I have tried various things but nothing is working for me. Help Please! Dynamic Routing Folder … Read more

java – My ArrayList name as well as my items name are giving me errors

I’m writing an interactive Javafx/GUI program (a simple lending library) and I have multiple errors but it’s for the same two names: MediaItem and items. I know that once those are fixed the code should work. Here’s the interactive part of the code: import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.Scanner; import java.io.File; import java.io.PrintWriter; public class … Read more