How to set up your Android smartphone using Google Voice Access

The original release of Android didn’t include accessibility solutions. But, Google has slowly added more and more accessibility features to its platform over the past decade. In 2018, Google released Voice Access, a way to control your smartphone using just your voice. While it was amazing back then, it became even better with Android 11. … Read more

Amazon, Microsoft, Apple; and why you should just pay Google

In November 2020, Google announced that it would no longer offer unlimited free storage for “high quality” photos on Google Photos starting June 1, 2021. Following the deadline, Google only offered users 15GB of free storage shared across Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos and required users to subscribe to a Google One plan for additional … Read more

How to downgrade from Android 13 to 12 on the Google Pixel 6 series

Android 13 has been out for a while now. As a major version upgrade, it’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon — especially for Google Pixel users. But what if you just updated to Android 13 but don’t like it very much? The big question is, can you downgrade your Pixel smartphone, including the latest … Read more

Modernize Your Enterprise Desktop Strategy with Workspot on Google Cloud, Powered by Intel

New levels of desktop simplicity. No compromises. The workplace is evolving rapidly, and your enterprise desktop strategy needs to keep pace. Workspot Cloud PCs running on Intel-powered Instances in Google Cloud unlock new levels of simplicity, flexibility, and performance for the hybrid work world. Deliver a standout user experience. Scale effortlessly. And customize everything – … Read more

These are the Best Google Pixel Phones to buy in 2022

Google Pixel phones are often ranked close to the “god tier” of best Android devices, often earning praise from reviewers and users alike. After all, Google makes Android, so a phone made by Google running Android should be the perfect Android phone, right? Well, some people would definitely agree. While Pixels have slowly made their … Read more

How to check Android 13 bootloader version on the Google Pixel 6 series

Android 13 season is officially upon us. The latest iteration of Android brings with it some fresh UI changes and many useful features. For the Google Pixel 6 family, the stable Android 13 update also incremented the anti-rollback version in the bootloader of these devices. As a result, you can’t flash back an older Android … Read more

Fighting Imposter Syndrome: How I Found My Place at Google | by Zachary Allegretti | Aug, 2022

How to find your sense of belonging Photo by Maro Donato on Unsplash Starting your first job as a software engineer is scary. Working in the tech industry is a different experience from the safety of academia. You are expected to absorb a firehose of information without much of a safety net to help you … Read more