Lightweight audio glasses with great acoustics

Huawei launched a series of flashy products at the IFA trade show in Berlin over the weekend, including a new upper mid-range phone with a whopping 60MP selfie camera, a new flagship laptop running Intel’s 12th generation Intel processor, and the Huawei Watch Fit D that can measure blood pressure via a miniature pump inside … Read more

Advice for Developers: “Great Git Commit Messages Are Not Shorter Than 50 Characters” | by Dr. Derek Austin 🥳 | Aug, 2022

This myth comes from the era of 80-column x 25-row text terminals. Here’s why you should write long commit messages Obviously, I am Groot in this photo by Praveen Thirumurugan from Unsplash Remember when Twitter was a platform where you could only post up to 140 characters at a time — the maximum allowed in … Read more

How and Where to Handle Exceptions While Maintaining a Great API | by Stuff from Cello | Aug, 2022

Why I prefer the exception-less approach via the Result pattern Exception handling is not easy. It can be done in the wrong places, it can be done the wrong way, and it can even be forgotten completely. The best we can do to help our fellow developers with that problem is to design our API … Read more

7 reasons Java is still great

Among the most fascinating phenomena in software is the enduring prominence of Java. As both a language and a platform, Java has survived radical transformations in the technology landscape, and its own internal structure has altered along with it. How has Java remained at the center of both enterprise and open source for more than … Read more

Will Nuxt 3 Make Vue.js Great Again? | by Jose Granja | May, 2022

Lighter, faster, auto-imports, awesome developer experience Picture by Author Recently we have had exciting releases for the React ecosystem. First, it was Next.jsthen came Remixand later on React 18. Those were stealing the thunder of any JavaScript framework. They were driving all the frontend discussions and increasing React’s momentum. Luckily, the Nuxt team is making … Read more

8 great new JavaScript language features in ES12

The JavaScript language specification, also known as ECMAScript or ES, is a living document, modified every year in response to evolving needs. While JavaScript started as a scripting language, the ECMAScript specification overview notes that the language “is now used for the full spectrum of programming tasks in many different environments and scales.” Because of … Read more

Keys to a Great API Security Solution

So, do you think your APIs are secure? You might want to take another look at your security. Figure 1 What is API security? APIs are everywhere, and API Security is of the utmost importance for every organization. According to a recent Gartner CIO and Technical Executive survey, Cyber ​​and Information security are at the … Read more