Best Tools to Implement Kubernetes Observability

A properly managed and implemented observability system provides DevOps with granular insights that can be used to debug and heal complex systems. Observability combines monitoring, alerting, and logging with metrics visualization and its analysis. It allows development teams to get detailed insights into the real-time performance of Kubernetes clusters and applications so that they can … Read more

python – How to group keys in a list of list of dictionaries with the same keys?

I have a list of list of dictionaries like the below: [[{‘what-is-contributing-to-the-quarter-on-same-quarter-a-year-ago-decrease?’: ‘None’}, {‘main-points-‘: ‘None’}, {‘things-you-need-to-know-about-this-release’: ‘None’}, {‘what-is-contributing-to-the-three-months-on-same-three-months-a-year-ago-decrease?’: ‘None’}, {‘blue-book-2019’: ‘None’}, {‘manufacturing’: ‘None’}, {‘production’: ‘None’}, {‘what-is-contributing-to-the-annual-increase?’: ‘None’}, {‘production-data’: ‘None’}, {‘external-influences-on-production’: ‘None’}, {‘main-points’: ‘Monthly production output fell by 0.2% between February and March 2022, reaching a level that was 1.6% below February 2020 – the last … Read more

ios – Using geometry effect results in “Multiple inserted views in matched geometry group Pair” warnings

When I use matched geometry view modifier I sometimes get the following warning multiple times with different values ​​for ‘first’: Multiple inserted views in matched geometry group Pair<Int, ID>(first: 42, second: SwiftUI.Namespace.ID(id: 84)) have `isSource: true`, results are undefined. The error appears after I click the ‘newGame’ button (for exactly three times in a row) … Read more

html – Need to clear all textboxes inside several group in C# (Control.control not being recognised in my version)

This is a common problem. In fact, I ALSO have a routine to fill the text boxes from the database. So, now I don’t have to write my binding code. so, I tend to have two routines: loader() This routine takes ONE data row, and push out to a set of controls (I place them … Read more

posix – Maven assembly-plugin “group id ‘1377585961’ is too big” error

I’m trying to understand why only one (new) MacBookPro in our dev-team, running OS-X 10.10.5, is having a problem with the Assemble phase of a Project that no other MacBook on the project is having. I’m wondering if anyone else run into this contradictory phenomenon, and does anyone have an explanation for it? This is … Read more

python – i keep getting group single has no attribute rect error

im trying to make a camera for my character and i keep getting this when i run the code import collections import pygame from camera import * from settings import tile_size from support import import_csv_layout, import_cut_graphics from tiles import Tile , StaticTile from player import Player class Level: def init(self,level_data,surface): self.display_surface = surface self.world_shift = … Read more

java – Kafka Consumers under the same group are consuming the same partition after rebalancing

According to Kafka documentation: Kafka provides the guarantee that a topic-partition is assigned to only one consumer within a group. But I’m observing different behavior in my service. Here are some details: I’m using Kafka 2.8 and spring-kafka 2.2.13. Initially I had one Kafka topic topic.1 with 5 partitions in it, this topic was consumed … Read more