The Best Software Engineering Career Paths | by Gui Carvalho | Aug, 2022

To be happy at work, understand yourself First, a little bit about me: I am a software engineer that graduated in computer science 20 years ago and since then have been building software one way or another. I have worked in all sorts of environments, like small startups, consultancy companies, big companies, launched a few … Read more

Matplotlib plots in PyQt6, embedding charts in your GUI applications

In a previous tutorial we covered plotting in PyQt6 using PyQtGraph. PyQtGraph uses the Qt vector-based QGraphicsScene to draw plots and provides a great interface for interactive and high performance plotting. However, there is another plotting library for Python which is used far more widely, and which offers a richer assortment of plots — Matplotlib. … Read more

python – GUI system design for editing properties of items in a list using PyQt5

Looking for insight on implementing a GUI that allows users to edit the properties for any # of items in a list. The properties between each item are the same and the user also specifies the # of items. I’ve tried using the QStackedWidget to represent the layout of properties for a list item as … Read more

True Component-Testing of GUI: Karate Mock Server

In my previous post, I discussed the difference between tests that target code versus those that target an API. A subset of the second category are automated tests for a web/mobile interface that mimic user behavior and validate the rendered responses, using Cucumber/Selenium, Cypress, or any other stack. These are typically written and executed as … Read more