Apple Freeform app on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS: A complete guide

Back in June 2022, Apple teased Freeform, its new whiteboard app. During the WWDC22 main keynote, the company highlighted some of its features and mentioned that it would ship by the end of the year as part of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura. For those unfamiliar, think of it as a canvas to … Read more

A beginner’s guide to using Observable JavaScript, R, and Python with Quarto

There’s an intriguing new option for people who want to do data-wrangling and analysis in R or Python but visualization in JavaScript: Quarto. This article shows you how to set up a Quarto document to use Observable JavaScript, including how to pass data from R or Python to an Observable code chunk. In Part 2, … Read more

A guide to installing APKs and App Bundles

Apps are the lifeblood of any operating system. Without apps, we can only do so much on platforms like Android on our favorite smartphones. Fortunately, Google Play offers millions of apps, but due to platform restrictions, not every good app can be found on the store. Sometimes, app availability is also restricted on a geographical … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Encryption Vs Decryption

A computer system must promise or at least assure privacy and confidentiality when it transmits sensitive or personal data. A simple system, unless equipped with the proper technology, cannot stop any unauthorized access to cyber criminals. And in this computer era, data tampering needs no introduction as it is not something unheard of. So if … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Distributed Caching | by Denuwan Himanga Hettiarachchi

Guidelines to spin up a Redis master-slave cluster on the Kubernetes cluster and implement a distributed caching-enabled Spring boot App. Hi folks, I’m working on a performance optimization project right now. The project’s objective is quite unrealistic because we are trying to achieve 5 seconds because of the Thread sleep. But when you try the … Read more

Guide to Install NPM and Node JS on Mac and Windows

With exponential growth and demand for full-stack development, JavaScript has become a reliable technology for developing a full-fledged business application. Several backend and frontend frameworks and libraries are available, which are based on JavaScript and are highly compatible with each other. Node JS is a technology that professionals appraised for fabricating a scalable server-side for … Read more

Xpath in Selenium: A Complete Guide

When writing a selenium automation script, we must locate elements. If we can’t locate the elements using locators like id, class, name, etc., we use XPath to locate an element on the webpage. The ability to select any locator to support your condition is provided by XPath, which allows a choice to search a web … Read more

A Complete Guide to Implementing Dark Mode in React | by Veronika Jaghinyan | Aug, 2022

Want to make your website more accessible and trendy by providing dark mode option? Here is the step-by-step guide on how to implement dark mode in React with the best practices. Step 1: Create React app using Vite (skip if already created) Let’s start by creating the React App. I will set up the project … Read more