Complete Guide to Generated Columns in MySQL

MySQL generated columns pose as a powerful, easy-to-use, and advanced tool for anyone who wants to add automatically generated data to their tables – in this blog, we will learn everything you need to know to master them. Generated columns allow you to store automatically generated data in a table without using the INSERT and … Read more

Supabase and Angular Quickstart Guide

This example provides the steps to build a simple user management app (from scratch!) using Supabase and Angular. It includes: Supabase Database: a Postgres database for storing your user data. Supabase Auth: users can sign in with magic links (no passwords, only email). Supabase Storage: users can upload a photo. Row Level Security: data is … Read more

SQL Database Schema: Beginner’s Guide

What Is a Database Schema? That’s actually a bit of a difficult question to answer! Like many database terms, database schema gets used in a variety of contexts. Depending on the context, it can mean different things. In the context of generally discussing a database and how it’s organized, the term database schema describes the … Read more

Supabase and Ionic Vue Quickstart Guide

Get the API Keys Now that you’ve created some database tables, you are ready to insert data using the auto-generated API. We just need to get the URL and anon key from the API settings. UI 1. Go to the “Settings” section. 2. Click “API” in the sidebar. 3. Find your API URL in this … Read more

Docker, WSL, and OneAPI — A Quick How-To Guide | by TonyM | Jun, 2022

Optimizing a containerized oneAPI workload for deployment Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash In my last blog, I spent some time talking about why being efficient as a developer matters to me. The proliferation of container technology can significantly help us achieve that goal. First though, let’s quickly go through what a container is for … Read more

Region Proposal Network (RPN): A Complete Guide

This tutorial includes a detailed step by step guide of how Region Proposal Network (RPN) works. It is mainly used in RCNN family for object detection. Those who are familiar with RCNN, they might already have encountered the term Region Proposal Network. Before we get into details of RPN, let’s understand how object detection works … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Flutter’s BLoC Architecture | by Arya Surya | Jun, 2022

Is it similar to Redux? Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash The BLoC architecture has been quite around for some time in the Flutter community, and we can safely say that the community loves it. How the pattern allows us to isolate our logic and make it more testable is just by doing some changes … Read more

sqlite – Mobile app in Python with Kivy-md(navigation drawer), runs well on laptop but crashes on android phone after the splash screen. Please guide

I have developed this Python Kivy/Kivymd mobile app and is on android phone but the app crashing after displaying the logo, i have used navigation drawer in kivym to create a menu of options.plz check my and kv file and the buildozer and suggest for any changes.Plz guide me on this earliest possible.This is … Read more

A Guide to Serverless With AWS Lambda and Bitrise

In the early days of software development, anyone seeking to develop a web, mobile, or backend application had to own the hardware required to run a server, which is an expensive process. Then, when cloud computing came, it became possible to lease server space or a number of servers remotely. The developers and companies who … Read more