Error Handling in Spring for GraphQL

The Problem Recently, I wrote some GraphQL endpoints and got a bit blocked when I came to the error handling mechanism. Usually, when writing REST endpoints, you either go for a particular @ExceptionHandler for your controller or you go for the @ControllerAdvice to handle exceptions globally for multiple controllers. Apparently, that is not the case … Read more

Error handling with TinyGo WASM. My approach to handling errors | by Cheikh seck | Aug, 2022

My approach to handling errors Photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash Error handling “is the process comprised of anticipation, detection, and resolution of application errors, programming errors or communication errors.” In essence, it’s the process of designing procedures to interpret errors. Go developers handle their errors in different ways. One method I’ve seen is with … Read more

Handling File Uploads With NestJS and MySQL

Many developers despise dealing with file uploads. This can be attributed to a lack of knowledge about the best approach to take or difficulties determining how to configure their NestJS application to handle file uploads. Many people may want to save their files directly to a MySQL database, or save image names and have the … Read more

Groovy Database Resource Handling – DZone Database

Groovy Database Can Be a Powerful Tool There are coders all around the world right now working on some of the most challenging coding problems that are out there. They are all likely relying on using Groovy database at least to some extent as this is a major player in the industry. People from all … Read more

Building the Rust Web App — Proper Error Handling and Return Values ​​| by Garrett Udstrand | Jul, 2022

To make your web app work properly Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash This is the fourth part in a multi-part series about writing web apps. For this series, we will be writing the web app in Rust, and I explain to you how to write it yourself. If you’d rather not write out the … Read more

Handling Large Arrays in Golang: Should You Use For Range or For Loop? | by Dwen | May, 2022

Golang loop control method analysis Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash Go is all about “one way to do one thing”! For example, Go keeps only one type of loop control statement, which is the classic version of for loop. And loop control statements such as while, do…whilesupported by C language are excluded from Go’s … Read more

Handling Sensitive Data: A Prim

Properly securing sensitive customer data is more important than ever. Consumers are secured insisting that their data be and managed properly. The regulatory environment is also becoming tougher, and business requirements are becoming increasingly complex. The burden is placed on the company and its development teams to meet these requirements while still delighting users. If … Read more

Handling Spatial Data in R. Foundations of spatial data in R | by Uğurcan Demir | Apr, 2022

Foundations of spatial data in R Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash We are in the age of data. Everywhere around the globe data professionals in various roles are in high demand. As a data professional, I try to prepare you for all sorts of difficult tasks. One of those tasks is to deal with … Read more

Handling Iframes in Selenium Based Test Automation

An iFrame is commonly known as an inline frame which is nothing but an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document. iFrames are a simpler way to embed a web page inside another web page. iFrames are mostly used to display external information on the webpage like displaying advertisements and videos from third-party sources. The … Read more