Streaming ETL with Apache Kafka in the Healthcare

IT modernization and innovative new technologies change the healthcare industry significantly. This blog series explores how data streaming with Apache Kafka enables real-time data processing and business process automation. Real-world examples show how traditional enterprises and startups increase efficiency, reduce cost, and improve the human experience across the healthcare value chain, including pharma, insurance, providers, … Read more

Healthcare Sector’s New Avatar – DZone IoT

2022: The Year of Healthcare Digitization As the world is still fighting the battle with the Covid Pandemic, the all over are trying to strengthen the healthcare industry. 2022 is being looked upon as the year where most technological advancements will take place in the healthcare sector. The prime focus of the healthcare digitization move … Read more

Cloud Computing Architecture for Healthcare

Due to the changing environment of technological innovations and its transition to cloud computing architecture, the demand for exploring its possibilities within various industries and markets emerges. It is a valuable tool for dealing with various operational, managerial, and research issues. Delivering such benefits, cloud computing architecture became a desirable target for diverse on-premises applications … Read more