React Reusable API Calls With Custom Hooks | by Stefan Mares | Aug, 2022

Using Typescript obviously Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash Table of contents: HTTP provides a set of methods through which web browsers can communicate with web servers. There are 4 popular/well-known methods: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. We will discuss GET and POST in this article, but there are much more. GET: As the name … Read more

Advanced React Hooks: Everything About the UseEffect | by Cihan | Aug, 2022

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react hooks – How to Validate Minimum Age Greater & Equal to 18 Reactjs

For the SignUp page I need to validate age is equal to or greater than 18. I have attempted using similar examples but all require me to install a dependency. I am looking for a way to achieve the desired results through React. My code is as follows signup.jsx import React from “react”; import { … Read more

Easy State Management With React Hooks and the Context API | by David Van Fleet | Apr, 2022

Using Context to share state across components Photo by NASA on Unsplash State management can seem like an overwhelming task for React developers. In the past, maintaining a state that was shared in different parts of our component tree was extremely complicated, and we typically resorted to third-party state management libraries to help us out. … Read more

Pre-Commit Hooks DevOps Engineer Should Know To Control Kubernetes

Generally speaking, all companies are looking to increase their productivity at all levels: human, infrastructure, processes, and so on. Often, productivity is driven by the addition of automated processes to facilitate and increase the pace of production. This automation requires an evolution, an adaptation, or even a complete transformation of the concepts historically used. This … Read more