Best Tools to Implement Kubernetes Observability

A properly managed and implemented observability system provides DevOps with granular insights that can be used to debug and heal complex systems. Observability combines monitoring, alerting, and logging with metrics visualization and its analysis. It allows development teams to get detailed insights into the real-time performance of Kubernetes clusters and applications so that they can … Read more

Couldn’t load plugin class: com.qmetry.qaf.automation.cucumber.QAFCucumberPlugin. It does not implement cucumber.api.Plugin

I planning to use qaf-cucumber library for scenario outlines testdata with external files. Repo: Branch: cucumber-4 When I run my runner class I’m getting below error: Couldn’t load plugin class: com.qmetry.qaf.automation.cucumber.QAFCucumberPlugin. It does not implement cucumber.api.Plugin pom.xml: <dependencies> <dependency><groupId>com.qmetry</groupId><artifactId>qaf</artifactId><version>2.1.15</version></dependency> <dependency><groupId>com.qmetry</groupId><artifactId>qaf-cucumber</artifactId><version>2.1.15-beta-1</version></dependency> <dependency><groupId>io.cucumber</groupId><artifactId>cucumber-java</artifactId><version>4.5.1</version></dependency> <dependency><groupId>io.cucumber</groupId><artifactId>cucumber-junit</artifactId><version>4.5.1</version><scope>test</scope></dependency> <dependency><groupId>io.cucumber</groupId><artifactId>cucumber-plugin</artifactId><version>5.1.3</version></dependency> <dependency><groupId>io.cucumber</groupId><artifactId>cucumber-core</artifactId><version>4.5.1</version></dependency> <dependency><groupId>com.aventstack</groupId><artifactId>extentreports-cucumber4-adapter</artifactId><version>1.0.8</version><scope>compile</scope></dependency> <dependency><groupId>junit</groupId><artifactId>junit</artifactId><version>4.13.1</version><scope>compile</scope></dependency> <dependency><groupId>junit</groupId><artifactId>junit</artifactId><version>4.13.1</version><scope>compile</scope></dependency> <dependency><groupId>io.cucumber</groupId><artifactId>cucumber-junit</artifactId><version>4.5.1</version><scope>compile</scope></dependency> <dependency><groupId>net.masterthought</groupId><artifactId>cucumber-reporting</artifactId><version>4.10.0</version></dependency> </dependencies> RunnerClass: import io.cucumber.junit.CucumberOptions; import … Read more

Implement an Email Masking Proof-of-concept Using AWS Simple Email Service (SES) and AWS Rust SDK | by Julien de Charentenay | Jun, 2022

Stem the email marketing tide using masking Image by Anne-Onyme from Pixabay This story presents a proof-of-concept that allow me to give a unique email address when subscribing to mailing lists, and registering unimportant accounts. anything can be any word that I decide on the spot when I give the address. The emails are … Read more

Implement HIPAA Technical Safeguards in Your API

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA for short, is a set of laws around handling health-related data in information systems. It defines safeguards, which are rules you have to follow when handling health data for your customers. There are three safeguard categories: Administrative safeguards, covering personal and processes in your company Physical … Read more

How to implement IP whitelists in ASP.NET Core 6

When working with applications in ASP.NET Core 6, you will often want to create an IP address whitelist to allow client requests only from certain IP addresses, while blocking requests from all other addresses. We do this to protect our API endpoints from potentially malicious requests from bad actors, while at the same time allowing … Read more

A Playbook to Properly Implement Pay As You Go Pricing for Your API Product

Usage-based pricing, consumption-based pricing, and PAYG (Pay As You Go) are relatively new SaaS pricing models that enable you to drive top-of-line growth while also increasing net revenue retention over more traditional subscription pricing models such as a license. or seat-based pricing. With Pay As You Go, a customer only needs to pay for what … Read more

Implement Language Detection – DZone Integration

Quick question: How many languages ​​are there in the world? Before you rush off to search for the answer, read on. There are over 7000 languages ​​— astonishing, right? Such diversity highlights the importance of translation, which is valuable to us on many levels because it opens us up to a rich range of cultures. … Read more

Implement a Scalable WebSocket Server With Spring Boot, Redis Pub/Sub, and Redis Streams | by KBryan | Jun, 2022

Scaling WebSocket server horizontally using Spring Boot, Redis Pub/Sub, and Redis Streams Photo by Andreas Wagner on Unsplash This is a follow-up to my previous article on the design considerations for scaling the WebSocket server horizontally. In this article, I will go into detail on how we can implement that using Redis Pub/Sub and Redis … Read more

Implement Coordinator Design Pattern Using Combine | by Zafar Ivaev | May, 2022

Navigate and pass data between screens reactively Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash This article will learn how to create a reusable Coordinator library, which will be responsible for navigation inside your iOS apps. In short, this is what you will have learned by the end of the tutorial: What is a Coordinator design pattern … Read more

python – System of seven ODEs solve using solve_ivp or implement RK4

I’m trying to solve a system of coupled ordinary differential equations, formed by 7 ODEs in python, using solve_ivp or either implement a fuction for RK4. The general physical problem is as follows: Cooling of photovoltaic modules with heat exchanger coupling to the module. In this way, the module generates electrical energy and thermal energy. … Read more