How to Write RFCs for Open Source Projects

About RFCs The importance of RFCs has been emphasized by many people. As @tison said in How to Participate in the Apache project community: A description is certainly needed for any non-trivial change to explain the motivation. For major changes, design documentation becomes even more necessary since no one has a permanent memory, and people … Read more

Ktor – A Kotlin Web Framework

Ktor is an asynchronous web framework written in and designed for Kotlin, leveraging coroutines and allowing you to write asynchronous code without having to manage any threads yourself. Here is a bit more background information on Ktor. It is backed by Jetbrains, who are also the creators of Kotlin itself. Who better to make a … Read more

Using Azure Storage Accounts From Spring Boot Apps

Spring projects in general are opinionated: 80-90% of use cases are handled “by default”, and code is often much more concise than would be required otherwise due to Spring’s preference of convention over configuration. These and other “” can result in less code to write and maintain and as a result, more focused impact. In … Read more

Hyperautomation: Your Digital Transformation – DZone Performance

The concept of automation is constantly expanding as time passes. IT executives have already seen the potential of automation and how it makes the entire process smoother. They are now looking for new methods to use hyperautomation to fulfill digital transformation goals. As per a market study done by Global NEWSWIRE, in the next few … Read more

Demystifying Cloud-Native Data Management: Layers of Operation

As containerized applications go through an accelerated pace of adoption, Day 2 services have become a here-and-now problem. These Day 2 services include data management functions such as backup and disaster recovery along with application mobility. In this new world of containerized cloud-native applications, microservices use multiple data services (MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, etc.) and storage … Read more

Is Your RPA Implementation Doomed?

No matter how many benefits RPA implementation brings to your organization, success cannot be achieved if not done correctly; success can not be achieved. This guest post highlights the reasons why your RPA implementation might fail! Robotic process automation is central to the digital transformation that pushes digitization across industry sectors. A 2019 global Deloitte … Read more

Node.js Implementation of Image Recognition Using TensorFlow and Express.js | by Aidan Tilgner | Jun, 2022

A beginner-friendly walkthrough to build an express server for image uploads Artificial Intelligence is quite the field, captivating our interests with its astonishing capabilities and complex nature. The technology has come a long way since the 1940s when the possibility of recreating a brain using electronics was first theorized. While most of its lifetime, artificial … Read more

A Complete Guide to Google Play In-app Purchases and Subscriptions Implementation | by Julia Kondrashova

And how to use Qonversion In-app purchases including in-app subscriptions are the major way to monetize mobile apps that provide digital services. This article is a comprehensive guide on adding in-app purchases to an Android app from scratch using Google Play’s billing system which allows you to sell digital products. Google Play app allows users … Read more

c – Fastest Implementation of the Natural Exponential Function Using SSE

The C code below is a translation into SSE intrinsics of an algorithm I used in a previous answer to a similar question. The basic idea is to transform the computation of the standard exponential function into computation of a power of 2: expf (x) = exp2f (x / logf (2.0f)) = exp2f (x * … Read more

Proper implementation of ViewPager2 in Android

Check : Migrate from ViewPager to ViewPager2 Check : Create swipe views with tabs using ViewPager2 Check out my answer if you want to implement Carousel using View Pager2 How to use TabLayout with ViewPager2 SAMPLE CODE Use below dependencies implementation ‘’ implementation ‘androidx.viewpager2:viewpager2:1.0.0-beta02’ SAMPLE CODE XMl layout <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <androidx.coordinatorlayout.widget.CoordinatorLayout xmlns:android=”” xmlns:app=”” xmlns:tools=”” … Read more