A Complete Guide to Implementing Dark Mode in React | by Veronika Jaghinyan | Aug, 2022

Want to make your website more accessible and trendy by providing dark mode option? Here is the step-by-step guide on how to implement dark mode in React with the best practices. Step 1: Create React app using Vite (skip if already created) Let’s start by creating the React App. I will set up the project … Read more

Flow Navigation With SwiftUI 4. Implementing the new NavigationStack… | by Nick McConnell | Jul, 2022

Implementing the new NavigationStack programmatically Having just revisited this navigation for SwiftUI 3 here, Apple has since rethought navigation with the new NavigationStack as part of the latest SwiftUI 4 release. This is great news… and covers most of my previous suggestions! Previously, NavigationView Required explicitly defining navigation “edges” and the use of multiple flags … Read more

html – Asp.net Core MVC Render Body Problem after Implementing Responsive Side Bar

After implementing the sidebar its fridge my other page and didn’t able to scroll the page in Asp.net Core MVC. I think the problem is coming from the _layout.cshtml file. as it has a container which render my other page. Please help me to solve this problem. Here is My _Layout.cshtm File. The header is … Read more

python – Beginner – Implementing CNN From Scratch (But with my own input matrix!!)

I watched Josh Stormer’s video on how does the CNN work. I understood the Theoretical part of it and decided to implement it in python. I read TONS(I really mean it) of Articles in medium.com and towardsdatascience.com which talk about implementing CNN from Scratch using only NumPy. However, the problem I am having is Most … Read more

Implementing RBAC Configuration for K8s Apps

Security is challenging to implement, and when your infrastructure is made up of many dynamic, scalable, distributed microservices running in containers, the task becomes even more complex. Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration technology that may be used to automate software applications’ deployment, scaling, and administration. We commonly refer to these levels as the 4Cs … Read more

Implementing a Web App With Rocket | by applied.math.coding | Apr, 2022

Harness the power of this mature Rust framework In this story, I want to show you an example of how one can create a web application with a backend on top of the Rocket framework. Moreover, we will containerize the app by building a docker image. The application is deemed to do something very simple. … Read more

Implementing React Redux Store With Persistence | by E.J. Ozyazgan | Apr, 2022

Centralized app state storage with persistence Photo by Tim Evans on Unsplash React Redux is a centralized state that allows you to decouple your state from individual components. This allows you to easily share and sync app state across components removing the need for unnecessary state chains. In this article, I will cover the following … Read more