pointers – Improve my solution to basic C linked list management functions

I would appreciate some help relative to my code solution, which deals with linked list management in C. I’ll already declare the only strange writing thing with my request: I am a C++ file, but I am actually mostly leveraging C resources (malloc(), free(), etc.); that said, given the basic code I provide, I am … Read more

7 devops practices to improve application performance

Devops is primarily associated with the collaboration between developers and operations to improve the delivery and reliability of applications in production. The most common best practices aim to replace manual, error-prone procedures managed at the boundaries between dev and ops teams with more robust automations. These include automating the delivery pipeline with CI/CD (continuous integration … Read more

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Can This Ownership Exercise Improve How You Work with Others?

When you’re working in a group, you need to know how to coordinate. Coordination requires a shared understanding of how everyone will work together. Most human groups define Roles. Roles help clarify boundaries and expectations for people working together. For example, in sports, these roles are called Positions. To play well, you need all the … Read more

Tech Stack: Improve Business and Increase Growth

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Strategies to Improve Software Development Process

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python – how can I improve the accuracy rate of the below trained model using CNN

I have trained a model using python detect the colors of the gemstone and have built a CNN.Herewith Iam attaching the code of mine.(Referred https://www.kaggle.com) import os import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import seaborn as sn import cv2 from random import randint import numpy as np CLASSES, gems = [], [] # names of classes, count … Read more

Using Bitwise Operations to Improve Python Performance | by Ryan Louis Stevens | May, 2022

Or why a little C++ can get you a long way Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash I’ll walk through an algorithm to do addition using Python. Using bitwise operators and C++ extension modules results in nearly on-par performance with base Python addition. I’ve recently been dealing with bytes and bits a lot. I thought … Read more

How to Improve Your WordPress’ Website Security

WordPress security has been an important topic ever since the content management system was released back in 2003. As with any highly popular piece of software with a long and rich history, the CMS can sometimes become the target of WordPress hackers. Hostile actions could include a cross-site scripting attack, sql injections, brute force attacks, … Read more