How does Samsung’s improved foldable fare against 2021’s best foldable hardware?

For most people in the world, if they want a foldable phone, it’s Samsung or nothing. But if you live in China, or you are an enthusiast open to importing, then you have other options. And these options aren’t also-rans. They arguably have been pushing foldable innovations at a faster pace than Samsung’s Fold series. … Read more

Angular 13’s New and Improved Features and Updates

As of this writing, Angular 13 has been released. You can tell that this was a well-thought-out version since it has numerous new features and increased functionality for developers. The release date of Angular 13 was set for November 3, 2021. Angular’s newest version contains a slew of new capabilities that make the development process … Read more

Proximity Marketing – An IoT Based Approach for Improved Results

Introduction IoT has penetrated many domains and areas and has been successful. It has revolutionized the industry altogether, and this article will reveal the capabilities of IoT for Proximity Marketing. The reader would be able to connect and understand the problem statement and realize the importance of this innovation. The Problem Statement With the advent … Read more