Improving Item Collection in a JavaScript Game | by Nevin Katz | Aug, 2022

Let’s make our collision detection pixel-accurate. Image by pch.vector on freepik Over the past few months, I have been gradually building a JavaScript dungeon crawler that features a player moves through an auto-generated maze of caverns. While contending with enemies, the player can collect health potions and weapons — and with danger afoot, the player … Read more

Improving Performance in a Hierarchical SQL Structure

This article will show how column propagation can represent a straightforward approach to improving query performance when dealing with a hierarchical data structure. We’ll do this with a real-world scenario based on a data-driven project involving a live data website developed for a startup operating in the sports industry. You’ll learn everything you need to … Read more

Improving Code Design With OpenTelemetry — A Practical Guide | by Roni Dover | May, 2022

What every developer needs to know about observability and how to leverage OSS tools to make your code better This is the second in a three-part series that will review some of the observability technologies available to developers today, why they make coding better, and what specific insights they can provide. Here is the link … Read more

Why Your PRs Aren’t Improving Quality | by Charles Chen | Apr, 2022

It’s simple: you’re missing the forest for the tree Via Pixabay The ubiquity of Git in the world of software engineering means that the tooling and processes around it have somewhat coalesced more or less into a few handful of patterns with respect to developer workflows and software release patterns. These include: At the core … Read more