SRE: From Theory to Practice: What’s Difficult About Incident Command?

A few weeks ago, we released episode two of our ongoing webinar series, “SRE: From Theory to Practice.” In this series, we break down a challenge facing SREs through an open and honest discussion. Our topic this episode was “What’s difficult about the incident command?” When things go wrong, who is in charge? And what … Read more

What Is an Incident Management in ITIL

Incident management: an unplanned interruption to a service or a reduction in the quality of service. By restoring regular service functioning as rapidly as feasible after an occurrence, incident management practices aim to minimize the negative effect of incidents on the organization. Customer and user happiness and how customers and users view the service provider … Read more

An Online MySQL Paging Incident That Talk All Night to Fix | by Dwen | May, 2022

MySQL Paging Accidents, experience sharing Photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash Today I will share with you a production accident, an online accident caused by MySQL paging. At 10:30 one night, I was happily sitting on the subway going home after getting off work, thinking about how to arrange my weekend life. Suddenly the phone … Read more