c++ – C++20 modules error when including the iostream header in Clang

Consider the following files: math.cppm export module math; export namespace math { int sum(int num1, int num2); int multiply(int num1, int num2); } /* Compiled with: clang++ -c –std=c++20 -stdlib=libc++ -Xclang -emit-module-interface –precompile -o math.pcm math.cppm */ math.cpp module; #include <iostream> // HERE it’s the problem module math; // Implementation of the definitions on the … Read more

reactjs – How to create React App including Web3 using create-react-app? I am getting Module not found Error. BREAKING CHANGE: webpack

I am new to Web3 and I am trying to create a react app integrated with web3. Below are the steps I followed in Ubuntu. create-react-app app_name cd app_name npm i –save web3 npm start and everything worked fine, I got the react app home page. Now, as soon as I put the following line … Read more