r – Hi! I am trying to change the columns as the shiny session runs and update the plot with a new column. But when I index my plot is blank. Any ideas?

There is a lot of code. I apologize. I block quoted out the specific code I am having issues with so please ignore everything else as I only put it so you have everything if you want to run a file yourself. Please use this site: https://community.cytobank.org/cytobank/experiments/27889/download_files and download any file to test the code … Read more

Vertical Resize Code

Vertical Resize Code I have some code I’m trying to write for a CS class. On resizing BMP files. I’ve already done horizontal resizing, but I just can’t figure out the … Read more

c# – How to show data from DB to Index after merged 3 models in one view in ASP MVC 5?

I merged these 3 model to another class to insert data in one view. congtodien.cs public partial class CONGTODIEN { [Key] public int ID_DIEN { get; set; } public int ID_PHONG { get; set; } public int CHISODAU { get; set; } public int CHISOCUOI { get; set; } public int? THANG { get; set; … Read more

Understand the MySQL Index Optimization Artifact | by Dwen | Jun, 2022

MySQL index optimization tutorial Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash With the increasing number of users and data volume, the slow query is an unavoidable problem. In general, if a slow query occurs, it means that the interface responds slowly, the interface times out, and other problems. If it is a high concurrency scenario, the … Read more

c++ – tuple foreach, index, find: return compile-time constant during runtime

Tuple foreach is relatively simple using either recursion or std::apply: #include <cstring> #include <iostream> #include <tuple> #include <utility> template<typename F, typename T> auto foreach_apply(F&& f, T &&t) { return std::apply([&f](auto&&… elements) { return (f(std::forward<decltype(elements)>(elements)) || …); }, std::forward<T> } template <std::size_t I=0, typename F, typename… Ts> void foreach_recurse(F&& f, std::tuple<Ts…> t) { if constexpr (I … Read more

python – How to increase values ​​of polars dataframe column by index

Let me see if we can build on @ritchie46 response and nudge you closer to the finish line. Data I’ve concatenated the ‘open’, ‘high’, and ‘low’ columns in your sample data, just to give us some data to work with. I’ve also added a row_nr column, just for discussion. (It won’t be used in any … Read more