When openness doesn’t matter | InfoWorld

Michael Gartenberg, an industry analyst and former Apple employee, recently spent over 900 words arguing that “it’s in Apple’s self-interest to open the [Messages] The ecosystem is a little bit, not because it’s profitable, but because it’s the right thing to do for all smartphone users.” Meanwhile, Apple has nearly $2.5 trillion in reasons to … Read more

MongoDB grows up | InfoWorld

When I rejoined MongoDB in 2021, I got to hear all the old jokes rehashed. You know, about MongoDB being “web scale,” about losing data, about only being eventually consistent, and so on. The web scale video is funny; the other statements have largely been wrong since the day they were written. For example, MongoDB … Read more

Introducing Microsoft’s Power Pages | InfoWorld

The low-code and no-code development tools that make Microsoft’s Power Platform are important to the company and to enterprises around the world. It’s a trend accelerated by the sudden digital transformations forced by a global pandemic and the resulting shifts in working patterns. Today’s spotlight is on the enterprise app gap, where lack of development … Read more

Career roadmap: Data engineer | InfoWorld

Data engineering combines elements of software engineering and data science and is one of the fastest-growing roles in IT. According to Indeed.com, data engineers develop and maintain the architecture used in data science projects. They are responsible for ensuring that data flows between servers and applications uninterrupted. Data must be familiar with a range of … Read more

Understanding Flatcar Container Linux | InfoWorld

Microsoft isn’t only a Windows company. It now shepherds several Linux distributions alongside its own operating systems. It’s important to remember that these aren’t general-purpose Linuxes like Ubuntu or Red Hat. Instead, they’re targeted at specific use cases: SoNIC for cloud-scale network hardware, SphereOS for secured industrial Internet of Things hardware, and CBL-Mariner as a … Read more

How the blockchain is evolving | InfoWorld

The blockchain is well known for firing digital currencies. Although cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have the lion’s share of media attention, there is another revolutionary possibility inherent in blockchain technology: secure, decentralized data processing. Don’t let the dull wording dent your enthusiasm. Newer blockchain systems propose to create a global, distributed Turing machine upon which a … Read more