python – WKTReadingError: Could not create geometry because of errors while reading input

I have a pandas DataFrame that I am trying to convert to geopandas. I tried a few different methods to convert and also attempted to fix the invalid geometries. Code below: import pandas as pd import geopandas as gpd import numpy as np import shapely data = [[‘A’, ‘POLYGON((-97.173931 32.726155, -97.173803 32.725959, -97.17345 32.725588, -97.173399 … Read more

javascript – Why does the Form disappear on trying to type data in the input fields?

I have a form in a React app. The form opens only after clicking the chat with us button and should close only after either clicking submit or the background. However, it is closing every time I begin to type in something. I’m unsure what is causing this behaviour. Here is the code for my … Read more

C++ “Segmentation fault” or “free(): invalid pointer” depending on input

This program gives a “Segmentation fault” or a “free(): invalid pointer” based on the input file used. The bug is reproductible. This is very strange, especially because free is not called. Here is the complete program. // Open a file, read line by line, // and for each (loooong) line, fraction it into // small, … Read more

javascript – How to render Json data into an input on React Native

Hello World! I want to render data into my contact form screen (I want the screen to be 100% configurable using call api) Fisrt I want to render the title[Contact Us] and the subtitle[Enter your details to contact us] from the configuration Array –>Done Second I want to render the objects on the Form Array … Read more

java – chatbot: not be able to apply to keep code take the input until i want it to terminate

It would be something like this: public static main(String[] args) { System.out.println(“Welcome to the CHATBOTn”); Scanner sc = new Scanner(; String g = “”; while (g.isEmpty()) { System.out.print(“> “); String g = sc.nextLine(); processInput(g); g = “”; // empty g so to keep looping; } } private void processInput(String g) { String s = g.toUpperCase(); … Read more

javascript – How to modify checked status of user input on individual card without modifying all cards (when using a for loop to run through an array)

Library project. When I add a new book to my library, the newest book’s read status changes all the book’s read statuses to the latest instead of only modifying the book that is currently being added. I believe this is because I remove all the cards at the beginning of the displayBooks() function. I do … Read more