java – Spring Boot – Batch Insert Forces Update Statement Execution

I am trying to insert the records in batch in my MySQL table. The Batch insert works like a charm when I do it without the composite key. However, when I assign the composite key. In my Table scheme: Id is the auto incremented primary key and ENODEB and HOUR_DATE_TIME are my normal columns that … Read more

dictionary – insert vs emplace vs operator[] in c++ map

Say you’re adding Foo objects to a set<Foo> object and Foo(int) is a constructor. Then the main difference is that: emplace has has prototype set::emplace(Args&&… my_args). The call emplace(0) forwards the given arguments (ie 0) to a Foo constructor somewhere in the definition of the set::emplace method (eg there is a call like Foo(0) somewhere … Read more

android – Insert a RecyclerView inside another RecyclerView

This implementation is horizontal grid recycler view inside a vertical Liner recycler view Activity class RecyclerGridActivity : AppCompatActivity() { private lateinit var listAdapter: RecyclerCustomListAdapter override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) setContentView(R.layout.activity_recycler_grid) val recyclerListView = findViewById<RecyclerView>( listAdapter = RecyclerCustomListAdapter() recyclerListView.layoutManager = LinearLayoutManager(this@RecyclerGridActivity) recyclerListView.adapter = listAdapter recyclerListView.addItemDecoration(TopSpacingItemDecoration(10)) listAdapter.setContent(arrayOf(1,2,3,4), Example.shared.getData(), WeakReference(this)) } } It’s layout <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> … Read more

XSLT insert 2 distinct elements in XML problem

Following is my original XML <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <SyncItemMaster> <ApplicationArea> <Sender> <LogicalID schemeVersionID=”″>lid://in.m4.m4</LogicalID> <ComponentID schemeVersionID=”″>M4BEX</ComponentID> <ConfirmationCode>OnError</ConfirmationCode> </Sender> <CreationDateTime>2021-06-17T18:42:31.420Z</CreationDateTime> <BODID>e99a31bc-4ad5-45e1-a27b-10b27b9511c6</BODID> </ApplicationArea> <DataArea> <ItemMaster> <ItemMasterHeader> <Description>JADE COLL 5-5/8 X 48 W/PAD</Description> <Description type=”ShortName”>4MM GEMCORE ARCTIC 12MIL</Description> <Classification> <Codes> <Code listID=”Item Groups” sequence=”1″>00006002</Code> </Codes> </Classification> <Classification> <Codes> <Code sequence=”1″ listID=”Item Types”>E01</Code> </Codes> </Classification> <UserArea> <Property> <NameValue name=”Free1″>679QB</NameValue> </Property> … Read more

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I am trying to implement this timeline that I have created on into my web page, but above all the other div elements. However, when I try to input the div above, all I get is a blank rectangle exactly where I would want the timeline to be. Is there a reason why it … Read more

fastapi – MissingGreenlet when trying to insert value in db [SQLAlchemy]

I’m new to ORMs and SQLAlchemy and I’m trying to insert some values ​​in the database but this error comes up sqlalchemy.exc.MissingGreenlet: greenlet_spawn has not been called; can’t call await_() here. Was IO attempted in an unexpected place? (Background on this error at: This is my fastapi route“”, response_model=AnalysisRequestSchema, status_code=201) async def create_analysis_request( … Read more

c# – How to Insert and Update through stored procedure in SQL Server and return total no of row affected

For Insertion and updating of rows for my website I’ve created a stored procedure. I want to return total no of rows (insert + update). My stored procedure works fine when I “Execute” this SP by placing value of variable manually but when run it my website, no row update or insert. Here Is … Read more