Newer Intel Instances Provide Acceleration and Lower TCO for Key Workloads

Most organizations understand the value of moving certain applications to the cloud as part of a smart multi-cloud strategy – determining not only which applications would benefit most from being cloud-based but also defining what kinds of instances to run them on. A vast range of instance options are offered, but their underlying technology and … Read more

How to run multiple instances of the Windows Phone 7 emulator

It’s not that difficult to run multiple instances of a Windows Phone 7 emulator, or any other mobile emulator for that matter, when you’re doing testing, development, or having some DIY fun! You can run multiple instances of the Windows Phone 7 emulator by generating unique GUIDs for each instance that you need to run. … Read more

Multiple instances of a web component compiled by Svelte 3

I have managed to create a web component using Svelte 3 that show a list of products fetched from an API. In this component I have an action that checks if the product-element is inside another (parent) element using intersectionObserver. All is good as long as I only have one instance of the component on … Read more

android – What is the rule for Ids, with multiple instances of a fragment

I have this simple fragment (a button counting clis) public class FragmentBasique extends Fragment { //…. private View v; private int count = 0; @Override public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) { v = inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_basique, container, false); update_button(); ((Button)v.findViewById( (_v) -> { count++; update_button(); } ); return v; } private void update_button(){ ((Button)v.findViewById(“clics … Read more

Reusable EC2 Instances Using Terraform Modules | by Michael Cassidy | Jul, 2022

A guide to mastering EC2 restructuring In this project, we will go through a simple restructuring of an EC2 Instance template forked from GitHub. We will recreate the code using modules to make it more reusable and adaptable to a development or production environment. We will also go through how to remotely store our Terraform … Read more

functional programming – Problem with given instances writing MTL style code with Scala cats

Problems with inference seem to be one of the reasons why the particular MTL implementation that you linked is relying on traits such as MonadPartialOrder instead of MonadTransformer-typeclasses. Basically, what happens here is this: When you want to get from F to G The MonadPartialOrder-approach asks for a bridge from F to G Your approach … Read more