How to integrate NFT smart contracts with OpenSea

Ways to work with listed on OpenSea smart contract collection I was working in Custom App on several blockchain projects for 4 years. We are currently developing a W3dding iOS web3 application and faced some issues while integrating our SBT (SoulBounded Token) ERC1155 smart contract with OpenSea. In this article we will discuss these issues … Read more

How Do You Integrate Emissary Ingress With OPA

API gateways play a vital role while exposing microservices. They are an additional hop in the network that the incoming request must go through in order to communicate with the services. An API gateway does routing, composition, protocol translation, and user policy enforcement after it receives a request from the client and then reverse proxies … Read more

Reactive Programming: Integrate Into Application

According to Wikipedia, reactive programming (Rx) “is a declarative programming approach in computers that deals with data streams and change propagation. This paradigm allows users to easily specify static (eg, arrays) or dynamic (eg, event emitters) data streams, as well as indicating that an inferred dependence exists inside the related execution model, allowing for automatic … Read more

It Can Be an IoNT Integrate With Blockchain?

The Internet of Nano Things is one of the most talked-about topics in today’s tech world. However, there are many challenges facing IoNT. The author speculates that several challenges can be solved with Blockchain-based on author sources. This article will discuss the differences between IoNT and IoT and how Blockchain addresses the challenges of IoNT. … Read more

javascript – How to integrate js anim in vuejs

I have 2 files for an animation: Index.html and lazy-line-painter-1.9.6.min.js I want to integrate this animation into my vuejs code. I tried to put everything in the right place in my vuejs code (style, script, template) but I don’t really know how to do it properly. Thanks !function(t,e){“object”==typeof exports&&”object”==typeof module?module.exports=e():”function”==typeof define&&define.amd?define(“lazy-line-painter”,[],e):”object”==typeof exports?exports[“lazy-line-painter”]=e():t[“lazy-line-painter”]=e()}(window,function(){return function //# … Read more

SAST in Secure SDLC: 3 Reasons to Integrate It in a DevSecOps Pipeline

Vulnerabilities produce enormous reputational and financial risks. As a result, many companies are fascinated by security and desire to build a secure development life cycle (SSDLC). So, today we’re going to discuss SAST — one of the SSDLC components. SAST (static application security testing) searches for security defects in application source code. SAST examines the … Read more

How to Integrate Spring Native Into Spring Boot Microservices | by Wenqi Glantz | Apr, 2022

Spring Native: the wings that make Spring Boot fly Image background by finix8 from Pixabay Despite its massive popularity in web and microservices development, Spring Boot has its limitations. Most noticeably, long startup time, and high memory consumption. The root cause lies in how Spring relies on reflection to inspect classes, interfaces, fields, and methods … Read more

Integrate Event Streaming Into Your Applications

We created a sample react app for you to follow along and explore Fauna’s event streaming feature. Clone the sample app repository to get started. Getting Started Head over to your terminal and run the following commands. git clone cd fauna-streams-with-react/ npm install Next, head over to Fauna and create a new database if … Read more