Newer Intel Instances Provide Acceleration and Lower TCO for Key Workloads

Most organizations understand the value of moving certain applications to the cloud as part of a smart multi-cloud strategy – determining not only which applications would benefit most from being cloud-based but also defining what kinds of instances to run them on. A vast range of instance options are offered, but their underlying technology and … Read more

Intel, Wayfair, Red Hat and Aible on Getting AI Results in 30 Days

Companies are rushing to invest in AI — but less than 20% of AI investments are resulting in the transformations that AI promises. VB Transform 2022 brought together business leaders from Intel, Wayfair, Red Hat and Aible to discuss how they’re beating the odds to actually harness the full value of AI. “The word ‘transformative’ … Read more

MSI unveils new desktop lineup with 13th-gen Intel processors

With Intel unveiling its 13th-generation Core processors for desktops today, many companies are eager to jump on board. MSI has introduced an upgraded range of desktop PCs featuring the Intel 13th-gen processors, as well as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs that were announced on September 20th. The upgraded lineup includes the MPG Trident … Read more

Modernize Your Enterprise Desktop Strategy with Workspot on Google Cloud, Powered by Intel

New levels of desktop simplicity. No compromises. The workplace is evolving rapidly, and your enterprise desktop strategy needs to keep pace. Workspot Cloud PCs running on Intel-powered Instances in Google Cloud unlock new levels of simplicity, flexibility, and performance for the hybrid work world. Deliver a standout user experience. Scale effortlessly. And customize everything – … Read more

Optimize and Accelerate Cloud Apps for Cost Reduction With Intel® Workload Optimizer

Presidio is always looking for the latest technologies, whether from established companies or disruptive newcomers, that can help address customer pain points. Take for instance a common challenge for organizations that have migrated to the cloud and now need to increase efficiency and minimize costs. While a range of cloud optimization approaches exist, many companies … Read more

Initial Results of the Intel and Aible Benchmark and Case Studies Report Released

Earlier this year, Aible, the only enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solution that guarantees impact in one month, announced the initial results of the Intel and Aible Benchmark Study, a collaboration that is helping enterprises fast-track benefits from advanced analytics and AI, while also evaluating server vs. serverless architecture. According to MIT-BCG, only “a mere 10% … Read more

Intel Arc GPUs and OneAPI — Do They SYCL? | by TonyM | Jul, 2022

Running oneAPI C++ with SYCL code on Intel Arc and Iris Xe GPUs Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash oneAPI, featuring C++ with SYCL, enables the same accelerator code to run on a variety of GPU and CPU architectures. As promised in my last post about heterogeneous computing, this time we are going to use … Read more

Intel realsense R200: Errors when running ‘make’

I am trying to install the libraries necessaries to run Intel Realsense R200 in my Linux Mint distribution. For that I follow the steps defined under this link: Everything works fine till I execute on step 5 the command make && sudo make install. Then I get the output showed below. Does anyone know … Read more

c++ – Qt and Intel realsense Getting started

This is a very simple example, which uses only Qt and Intel Realsense SDK. We start by writing a class that handles our camera: #ifndef CAMERA_H #define CAMERA_H // Import QT libs, one for threads and one for images #include <QThread> #include <QImage> // Import librealsense header #include <librealsense2/rs.hpp> // Let’s define our camera as … Read more