Intel realsense R200: Errors when running ‘make’

I am trying to install the libraries necessaries to run Intel Realsense R200 in my Linux Mint distribution. For that I follow the steps defined under this link: Everything works fine till I execute on step 5 the command make && sudo make install. Then I get the output showed below. Does anyone know … Read more

c++ – Qt and Intel realsense Getting started

This is a very simple example, which uses only Qt and Intel Realsense SDK. We start by writing a class that handles our camera: #ifndef CAMERA_H #define CAMERA_H // Import QT libs, one for threads and one for images #include <QThread> #include <QImage> // Import librealsense header #include <librealsense2/rs.hpp> // Let’s define our camera as … Read more

Intel 13th-Gen Raptor Lake Release date, Benchmarks, Specs, and more!

Intel’s new 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs are still relatively new to the market. Some of the Alder Lake chips including the Core i5-12600K and the Core i9-12900K are holding the top spots in our collection of the best CPUs on the market. That being said, there’s no shortage of rumors and speculations about Intel’s next-generation … Read more