gradle – intellij IDEA:Cannot query the value of this provider because it has no value available

I’m trying to make a Mingcraft MOD, but in the build environment reported an error: A problem occurred configuring root project ‘forge-1.16.5-36.2.34-mdk’. Cannot query the value of this provider because it has no value available. The value of this provider is derived from: – extension ‘minecraft’ property ‘mappingChannel’ source code is: (build.gradle) buildscript { repositories … Read more

Build a Custom IntelliJ Code Inspection Plugin | by Ruben Quadros | May, 2022

Create a plugin that inspects Kotlin data classes Source: Introduction IntelliJ Platform fully supports plugins and they have provided APIs to create your own custom plugins. According to their docs: Products based on the IntelliJ Platform can be modified and adjusted for custom purposes by adding plugins. By the end of this article, you … Read more

Debugging jsoup Java in Production Using Lightrun

Scraping websites built for modern browsers is far more challenging than it was a decade ago. jsoup is a convenient API that makes scraping websites trivial via DOM traversal, CSS Selectors, JQuery-Like methods, and more. But it isn’t without its caveat. Every scraping API is a ticking time bomb. Real-world HTML is flaky. It changes … Read more