Intro to PyScript: Run Python in your web browser

PyScript, created by Anaconda, is an experimental but promising new technology that makes the Python runtime available as a scripting language in WebAssembly-enabled browsers. Every modern, commonly used browser now supports WebAssembly, the high-speed runtime standard that many languages ​​(like C, C++, and Rust) can compile to. Python’s reference implementation is written in C, and … Read more

Intro to JHipster: A full-stack framework for Java and JavaScript

JHipster is a long-lived and ambitious hybrid Java and JavaScript project that is dedicated to easing the development of full-stack Java applications using modern reactive front ends. The JHipster development team has consistently released new versions to keep up with industry changes. Let’s learn what this framework can do by building a simple application. What … Read more

Intro to Micronaut: A cloud-native Java framework

The Spring framework has long dominated back-end Java development, but several new frameworks challenge that status quo. Micronaut is among the most compelling. Developed by the team that built Grails, Micronaut is made for modern architectures. This article is a hands-on introduction to Micronaut. We’ll start with a simple RESTful API-based application, refactor it for … Read more