xcode – The buttons will not show up in the IOS simulator, can anyone assist? (Code Provided Below)

Take a real hard look at… private let loginButton: UIButton = { let loginbutton = UIButton() loginbutton.setTitle(“Log In”, for: .normal) loginbutton.layer.masksToBounds = true loginbutton.layer.cornerRadius = Constants.cornerRadius loginbutton.backgroundColor = .link loginbutton.setTitleColor(.white, for: .normal) return UIButton() }() see anything wrong? Maybe focus in on return UIButton() So, changing it to… private let loginButton: UIButton = { let … Read more

swift – I can’t get a FCM click action to work on IOS PWA

The notifications clicked work fine on both android (installed PWA) and chrome but in ios, I haven’t had success, At the moment we set the “category” parameter in the payload and the additional actions on the notifications but I have not been able to perform a clicked when the notification is clicked. Is there a … Read more

javascript – Assigning ScrollTo value cause unexpected flickering/blinking on iOS devices

The bounty expires in 18 hours. Answers to this question are eligible for a +100 reputation bounty. sdym wants to draw more attention to this question. We recently worked on an auto-scrolling while freely swipeable component using React.js. The implementation idea is inspired by this article And we’ve made something like this in … Read more