Monitoring at the Edge of the Third Act of the Internet

Whether you’re in tech, media, retail, or any other business with or without a digital presence, the biggest challenge you are facing is how to deliver something to the last mile. If I own a grocery store, while it’s easy for me to have a big warehouse where I store and sell goods, no one … Read more

What Are Protocol Buffers? – DZone IoT

On a daily basis, I deal with custom software development and take part in projects for various industries. I specialize in the use of Modern C++ in embedded systems and building applications using Qt. Here, I will share with you my experience in a project that required Protocol Buffers on a memory-constrained embedded system. Let’s … Read more

Building an IoT Application Using an HTTP API

For years the world has been abuzz with IoT devices. These devices range from alarm clocks that show the current weather to refrigerators that list the prices of nearby groceries. Whatever the specifics, these devices rely on APIs to communicate with data sources. But how exactly do we connect the messages, data, and devices? In … Read more

Type of Sensors and Actuators in IoT

Using IoT-based technologies, companies can effectuate high-performance workplaces, gain better access to data, interpret it, and implement bespoke strategies leading to sustainable growth. While these are the core benefits of an IoT-based system, implementing the same requires adding sensors and actuators to the entire system. With these peripherals and their firmware, IoT is considered one … Read more

Messaging and Data Infrastructure for IoT

For advanced IoT solutions, we need a unified messaging and data infrastructure that can handle all the needs of a modern enterprise that is running IoT applications. In Figure 1, we can see an example of such a system that is built on scalable open-source projects that can support messaging, streaming, and all the data … Read more

How Machine-Learning-as-a-Service Can Help the Internet of Things Reach its Potential

By the sound of it, the Internet of Things (IoT) might be one of the biggest technological breakthroughs since the invention of the internet itself. The basic concept revolves around sensors embedded in nearly anything (mobile devices, clothing, manufacturing equipment, appliances, etc.) being able to communicate with each other, providing for a more convenient interconnected … Read more

A Complete Guide to IoT Architecture

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing from strength to strength. IoT projects are in development across a huge variety of industries thanks to the technology’s automation, data gathering, and processing potential. However, understanding IoT architecture is key to creating a successful IoT project and leveraging all of its benefits. Why? Because it can give … Read more

Optimizing Firmware: Shipping IoT Devices on Time

Every product manager knows the complexities involved with shipping a device on time- complexities that result in 45% of products missing their launch date. Orchestrating mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing, test automation, marketing, and more is difficult. Each one is challenging on its own, but all are made more complicated because most of these don’t … Read more

Emerging Technologies Make Data Centers Efficient

The looming energy crisis is a black spot for industries where power consumption is commonly excessive and difficult to manage, the chief example being modern data centers. These facilities consume 10 to 50 times more energy per floor space than your average office building. While achieving an energy-efficient data center is possible, even the most … Read more

How AI is changing IoT

IoT has seen steady adopted across the business world over the past decade. Businesses have been built or optimized using IoT devices and their data capabilities, ushering in a new era of business and consumer technology. Now the next wave is upon us as advances in AI and machine learning unleash the possibilities of IoT … Read more