Serverless is the New Timeshare

We have shared amnesia. When I speak to younger developers about past technologies, I often get blank stars. To be fair, some of that is because I’m a bit “intense” or “weird” but some of that is because. Huh? Really? Did we have that? Case in point XA transactions and 2PC (Two Phase Commit). We … Read more

Renovate, a Dependabot Alternative – DZone DevOps

I won’t introduce Dependabot. Lots and lots of developers use it daily on GitHub. I do use it as well. However, it suffers from two drawbacks: While it’s perfectly integrated with GitHub, integrations with other platforms are less seamless. It’s limited in the list of ecosystems it supports for example, I generally use Docker Compose … Read more

Backend-for-Frontend: The Demo – DZone Microservices

In one of my earlier posts, I described the Backend-for-Frontend pattern. In short, it offers a single facade over multiple backend parts. Moreover, it provides each client type, eg desktop, mobile, exactly the data that it needs and not more in the format required by this client type. The Use-case Imagine the following use case. … Read more

Smart Contract Head to Head — Ethereum vs. Flow

Since the introduction of smart contract technology, Solidity has been the coding language of choice for smart contract developers. However, if you’re a Solidity developer, you already know it has drawbacks. Among other flaws, major security concerns can arise from the simple mishandling of certain data types, and there are no built-in access controls. A … Read more

Where Does Cybersecurity Go from Here?

I had the opportunity to hear Chris Krebs, founding partner of the Krebs Stamos Group and former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) deliver the opening keynote at the 25th Black Hat Security Conference. For 25 years, the InfoSec community and industry have chipped away at security vulnerabilities in technology with research … Read more

APIs Are Now at the Center of Digital Transformation

As we take stock of how COVID-19 has affected the way we operate, nothing in technology is more apparent than the switch to digital. Although many of us have transitioned from water-cooler conversationalists to reluctant Zoom dwellers, the impact on business processes themselves might actually be more profound. According to McKinsey, coronavirus has acted as … Read more

Multi-Zone Java App: Vaadin, YugabyteDB, Heroku

Ahoy, matey! At last, the time has come to build and launch the first version of my geo-distributed Java application. It took me four days (around 24 hours in total) to create this version. The app currently runs on Vaadin and Spring, it can use PostgreSQL or YugabyteDB as a database, and it either works … Read more

What Is Pydantic? – DZone Web Dev

Pydantic is a Python library for data modeling/parsing that has efficient error handling and a custom validation mechanism. As of today, Pydantic is used mostly in the FastAPI framework for parsing requests and responses because Pydantic has built-in support for JSON encoding and decoding. This article covers the following topics: Understanding BaseModel class Optional in … Read more